In-video engagement as an alternative to ads

How to participate in the video viewing experience.

Video is an important marketing channel, but traditional advertising strategies aren’t always the best choice. “Pre- and post-launch video campaigns can be effective, but there is usually not enough time to show the product to the consumer to make a purchase,” said Hank Frecon, CEO of Source Digital.

Source Digital is a viewing platform that captures and measures audiences through Source Activate Moments (SAM), where consumers can participate by activating what appears on the screen.

The value of video technology

With SAMs, for example, advertisers can inform the viewer about the video, offer the option to buy used clothes from someone in the video, or place a paid ad at a car dealership if a car appears on the screen. The technology enables manufacturers, owners, brands, and retailers to create continuous real-time engagement with views from any device or screen. SAMs appear embedded in the video; they don’t interrupt you like a traditional advertisement.

The time to complete the print results has expired. You need a variety of technology tools to measure success and keep marketing below 5% of your total budget.

The ability to use a large amount of contextual information “captured” in the video format, according to Source Digital, offers viewers entirely new angles. Create an organic video relationship by measuring audience response in real-time, rather than encouraging consumers to respond to ads before or after ads.

“Video support is always for one-way communication, never two-way,” says Frecon. “Video is the perfect way to identify moments in the current relationship with consumers that capture consumer sentiment.”

By focusing on what consumers are actively interested in, SAM technology seeks to organically develop brand loyalty through ongoing personal engagement. When the consumer chooses the bet he wants to start, the SAM implementation reduces the target audience and generates detailed statistics on viewing behavior.

“If a consumer sees something he wants today, he should go to Google or Amazon,” Frecon said. “We believe they should be able to purchase it immediately, which gives the content owner a lot of power and gives marketers a new way to run campaigns.”

Frecon said: “We have more video content than they can do, so why can’t you maximize it? There are unlimited moments that serve as opportunities to convert consumers. Keeping consumers on video and not distracting from the site is the key to change using video content to make money.

Types of engaging video content that people enjoy watching

In 2021, consumers will see more video content than ever before.

Content marketing has undergone a major transformation in recent years, and video is on the rise. This is probably the most effective strategy you can use to connect with your audience. Of course, in the age of mobile marketing, many smartphone users can resist interesting video content.

Look at these numbers:

• 85% of Internet users in the United States watch video content monthly.

• In 2021, the average person will watch videos for 100 minutes every day (an increase of 19% compared to 2019).

• 93% of businesses claim to have gained a new customer through their video content on social media

• 63% of companies say that video offers a predetermined return on social media.

1) Vlog

Blogs are great. Vlogs or video blogs are much better.

Most businesses market videos after creating a sophisticated branding video. Of course, it looks good on a landing page and spreads it on social media, but if it does not bring in a stream of new customers, the attractiveness of video content, along with ROI, decreases.

What you need to understand is that not all video content has to be an Oscar-worthy production. Vlogs offer your brand a convenient platform to create a unique brand voice and customizable image that matches your target market.

2) Behind the scenes/corporate culture

A good brand story can differentiate a business from the competition by motivating employees and engaging consumers. For this reason, one of the best types of video content you can use is a behind-the-scenes video that shows your company’s culture:

These types of videos provide an impressive experience and open the curtain on your business so that current and potential customers can connect with your brand.

3) Interview/questions and answers

Eric Grau, CEO of Single Grain, interviews entrepreneurs and marketers every week on his weekly podcast, Growth Everywhere

Interview videos are ideal for strengthening brand authority for several reasons:

• Allows you to connect your brand with an innovative leader or inspirational person.

• Helps to establish authority with the contribution of a respected voice.

• Provide your audience with an intimate personal experience, where someone from your company or the market answers challenging questions.

Like a vlog, a good interview should follow a few guidelines, but it should not look like a text. Your job as an interviewer is to get the other person talking, to gently guide him to discuss current topics and trends, and, if possible, to reveal exclusive news or big secrets to the public.

The best thing about interview videos is that you can quickly create a series with different guests and use your experience to promote content marketing.

4) Webinar

Google+ may be dead, but its legacy remains.

The investigation into the salsa giant on social media only started when it finally closed in early 2019. However, the platform has produced Google Hangouts, which is an excellent and intuitive way to host webinars:

People participate in virtual webinars to easily learn from you and your guests about the topics that are important to them. In fact, webinars are an excellent promotional tool for paid advertising. You can use Facebook ads to send subscriptions to your webinar and then drive traffic to generate more leads and eventually sell more products or services. This is a benefit for everyone!

If you’re new to the game, think of webinars as a free live event that you can set up with a few simple calendar invitations. Google Calendar is perfect for this and you do not need a complete script to run a webinar

5) Event

What do you get if you use different types of video content and compose it into a short yet sophisticated video clip?

This is a past webinar, part vlog, part promotional video. In the age of social media, event videos are extremely popular, especially if they are a preview of the big corporate event behind the scenes.

From Short Vines to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, the impact of recording videos of events plays with a powerful and emotional marketing technique: the fear of getting lost. The FOMO phenomenon is a psychological trigger where people suffer from us

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