Infutor scales its consumer insight capabilities

In its most recent contribution to solving the mystery of consumer identity, Infutor, a consumer management company, announced a new product, Total Consumer Insights (TCI). TCI brings together 266 million U.S. consumers and 120 million families in behavioral and family resources.

The size of the dataset is comparable to the US consumer datasets managed by Epsilon and Experian (approximately 200 to 300 million profiles). It contains predictive characteristics such as age, household income, and gender and is based on the TrueSource identification card based on the deterministic data of the In factor.

We spoke with Zora Senado, recently promoted from VP Strategic Partnerships to Vice President Marketing and In factor of Partnerships, about what the offering means for marketers.

Third-party approval. “There are hundreds of markers in this file,” he said, “which is the biggest difference between TCI and our Total Demographic Profiles file, the product that preceded it.”

In an independent data quality assessment by the Truthout Data Classification Association, the accuracy of Infactor’s overall perception data to identify young adults was 34% above average. Define all providers when correcting those between 18 and 24 years of age. “If you think of Experian, Acxiom and Infutor, our ID cards are largely based on offline data, so the wider the paper path, the more complete and accurate the signals will be for each individual. And according to the Senate, the reference for the latest is worth it.

Goal change. “The Infutor was behind the scenes of many compilers and data collectors,” the Senate said. “We go a step further, focusing on our products and promoting them more in the brand and in the agency.”

TCI is therefore explicitly considered to be competitive with other products in the market. “Historically, Infutor has been very good at standardizing, cleaning, and enriching data, and we all want that, but otherwise we want to complete the cycle and continue to activate and measure.”

Infutor will integrate this product with The Trade Desk’s LiveRamp IdentityLink and Unified ID 2.0. We are trying to create an identity card, independent of any available distribution platform.

Life in the FLoC world. While TCI is designed to support audience segmentation and creation, marketers are on the edge of a world where Google feels like a new walled garden and promotes a FLOC audience. activate the types of audiences that can enrich ICT?

‘What we can do here is convert the primary data into permanent IDs in our TCI file, better than most of the competitors that have TCI competitors. If we can have a high enough match rate, our signals can be used to tell you how to trade your primary data. This is the main use and application case we use, ”the Senate explained.

Because we care

future’s new product is another part of the complex mystery of consumer identity. This is part of the tendency to rely on data profiles and to link demographics and behaviors to profiles. The message from many parties is that the data in the first part, despite all its limitations, will form the basis for future marketing.

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