Instagram Stories to Get More Followers in 2021

How to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Followers:

Time flies for content marketers studying their days on Instagram to research hashtags and comes up with content plans. New features are released almost every month and trends are challenging. Following tourist and shopping guides can make you dizzy. However, the good old stories remain those that are constantly on Instagram and (thankfully) never change.

Stories, published in 2016, is now Instagram’s most popular feature. (The stories are also an example of successful fraud (sorry, Snap!) But this is a story for another time.

Half a million people use Instagram Stories every day, and businesses account for a third of the stories viewed the most. Of course, stories should not only stay but also be an important part of your overall Instagram strategy. In other words, you can not ignore stories.

What to post on Instagram Stories in 2021?

Consider these seven new ideas for memorizing and using your stories in a way your competitors have yet to discover.

1. Use highlights to attract more visitors (even if you have less than 10,000 followers)

When new users sign in to your Instagram profile, they may not yet know who you are. You’ve probably heard a million times about the importance of an excellent Insta biography that grabs attention, quickly explains what your business is doing, and convinces new visitors to click the Follow button.

With the font, the biography section is not only a place to tell your brand’s story but also to convert visitors.

Consider features as a small preview for your business, and it becomes a perfect opportunity to show what your brand is all about, give you an idea of what your product offers and drive to your landing page.

Even if you have a small Instagram account with less than 10,000 followers, you can still drive traffic through the highlights.

Do you need an example?

 Here is one from my employer, Cooler Future, an Instagram financial account (an industry that is considered difficult to grow on the platform). To advance their referral campaign, they described the offer in their highlights. Since they do not have 10,000 followers to activate the tracking feature, they encouraged viewers to respond with a simple emoji slap. In turn, your social media manager sends the campaign link to the DM valve.

2. Request purchases

Collaboration with influencers is a growing trend on Instagram. Many brands do this, however, by paying for some sponsored positions, suggesting that a more influential one, cross their fingers and pray that new followers are nominated by the label.

When purchasing Stories, a chosen influencer assumes the brand name to produce unique content, for example. It used to be popular, but somehow it is no longer in vogue. This is unfortunate because the collection of fan stories has many benefits: cross-targeting, creating unique content for your followers, networking with relevant influencers, and so on.

3. Respond to surveys and questionnaires

While records are an excellent tool for engaging your audience, you can also use them for polls. Instead of asking for something interesting, find out what content your followers want to see in their accounts.

For example, if your account focuses on travel, ask about the destinations your audience wants to see. Their answers may surprise you. Either way, you learn if you want to share more about the destination.

4. Create GIFs, Fonts, Stickers

The world was very happy when Instagram introduced GIF Stories, but the joy did not last long. After five weeks, Instagram stopped integrating with Giphy after a racist image found its place in the stories. However, Giphy removed its contents and returned to the Stories scene.

If you want to become a leader now, then follow in the footsteps of Gary Vaynerchuk, who is constantly creating GIFs (of course with his face – personal brand notification!). No one else will:

In addition, there is no shortage of fonts and stickers. Although Instagram offers stickers, it often does not work. Use apps like A Color Story Design Kit, which offers more than 30 trendy fonts, 120+ designs, and countless stickers to make your brand unique and ultimately attract more followers.

5. Greetings to participants

‚ÄúParticipants who? Everyone is friends on Instagram. “

Highly competitive and the fastest growing platform, Instagram was considered ‘totally community-oriented, but the harsh reality was that few people really wanted to help anyone. The labels that appear usually pay for each list and exclamation point.

Therefore, they can help each other to have a useful mindset (from competitors to friends).

Making another user shout about stories or encouraging your followers to follow someone else can seem like suicide. However, build relationships on social media – shout at someone who hopes to call you back. Plus its free story content – all you need is a screenshot and a few words:

6. Use your resources again

One of my favorite trends in Stories is a series of perfectly cut videos that form a longer film that would otherwise be impossible to fit into Stories due to the 15-second limit.

You can use Stereo, a free iOS app. Upload your video for a long time and cut it into smaller pieces so that the flow and transitions stay as smooth as possible.

In a very Instagram way (think Snap’s previous reference), Instagram has now created rules – 15-second videos that use tags for quick maps, campaigns, and more. But Reels was housed in a tab next to IGTV; therefore, Tik Tok content is ideal for stories. Yes, it’s cool to have your Tik Tok content on Instagram again and no, your Instagram community is not going to kill you. This trend in 2020 is too big to ignore.

7. Use exclusive templates

Last but not least, use survey templates. They stand out, attract their audience, and are ideal for attracting fans with attractive free offers. It is easy to create online (see for example Easil). It’s even better to create custom templates and allow your followers to take their own screenshots.

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