Ecommerce Ad Dollars invest it in 2021

Where Should You Invest Your Ecommerce Ad Dollars?:

Ecommerce companies ready to advertise their products online face a difficult challenge: reaching an audience genuinely interested in their products AND grabbing their attention. This is particularly difficult given the current landscape, where competitors are trying to outdo each other in the same areas of the digital real estate industry. Below you will find useful information on modern digital advertising initiatives that can help you choose the right mix for your business.

Popular advertising options

The first step to building a solid eCommerce advertising strategy is to know and understand your options. There are many places you can spend your money on advertising, but the most strategic step is to advertise on platforms that your target audience is already using. Overall, they are Google and the social media giants. Here are some of the most popular (and successful) digital advertising options:

Facebook / Instagram ads

Minimum Recommended Monthly Advertising Budget: $ 500

Facebook and Instagram ads are a combination of visual and text ads targeting users browsing Facebook and Instagram. These ads are easy to test. For best results, test your placements, images, and even add colors to see which are performing best.

Google search ads

Minimum Recommended Monthly Advertising Budget: $ 750

Search ads on Google (or Bing, if you prefer) appear when shoppers actively search for your products. These text ads appear on the main search results page as a title and minimal text, so you can tell people why they should buy from you by clicking on your eCommerce site.

Google Shopping Ads

Recommended minimum monthly advertising budget: $ 500

Shopping ads are similar to search ads in that they appear when shoppers are actively searching for your products. However, the format of these ads is different because they show the image, price, and name of the product. If your products are competitively priced, Google Shopping Ads is essential for any eCommerce store.

Google marketing ads

Recommended minimum monthly advertising budget: $ 200

Remarketing ads can be effective for many businesses, especially if you sell products that last longer, such as furniture or other more expensive items. These remarketing ads “follow” a user on the web and show the ads to people who have already visited their website. This strategy reminds them to go back to your website and purchase the items they have considered.

Other options

Depending on where your audience spends most of their day, other options like Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Reddit ads, or others can be useful for your business.

Where to invest?

Any of the above can be an effective advertising channel for e-commerce businesses. As long as you know your products and your target audience and think about where you want to reach your customers, you can’t go wrong.

If you have a large budget, you can test all these channels at the same time. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can still test multiple channels at once to get started. Once you’ve set up your ads, learn best practices and run A / B testing to determine if they’re working for you. If you’ve been testing a channel for a few months and it’s not working, switch to a new channel to see if it works better.

If you find channels that work well, consider shifting your budget to channels so you can earn more for your money. Look at metrics like exchange rate, cost per sale, and ROI to determine which channels work best for you. You need to understand the analytics behind each advertising channel and make sure success tracking is set up correctly so that you can measure the success of your efforts.


Measure, know what works, and keep a game plan to rethink your strategies. Get help if you’re worried about showing only online ads. It’s hard to be an expert in everything, so find out your strengths and partner with an agency or hire employees for areas of expertise where you aren’t.

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