Junk Mail: 5 Proven Digital Marketing Techniques Hiding In it

5 Proven Digital Marketing Techniques Hiding In Your Junk Mail:

You have gold in your inbox…

If you sort emails in the trash, you should throw away what direct mail advertisers have spent millions on.

These guys know what he’s buying… and will keep driving until it stops working.

The truth is, your mailbox is filled with residential techniques that you can use in your digital marketing.

Here are 5 lessons…

Lesson 1 – Your first task is to ALWAYS open your marketing

It doesn’t matter if you are sending an email or a direct sales letter. If your message doesn’t open, it won’t be read. And if it’s not read, you don’t earn any money.

Fortunately, direct mail sellers have developed their skills to open their products for YEARS. And it helps because you can use the envelope as the subject of the email.

There are two types of copiers…

• Favorable

• Curiosity

This Omaha Steaks postal service uses two benefits to open your direct mail: they talk about a special offer and also that you get a GIFT

You can use the same “get something free to open this” offer type. Write something like “Open your free education NOW!” and you have an email subject line that pops up.

Southwest Airlines did not use the word “FREE” on the envelope… just mentioned it. You can only use the subject line formula…

Receive ________, open to details!

(PS: If you want to see more great examples of cheap copies, keep an eye out for the credit card offers in your inbox. These guys know what they’re doing!)

Here are some examples of this technique in real emails from my inbox. Want to see how you can easily paste and send the same title in an envelope?

Now, a kind of teaser text driven by curiosity. It doesn’t give much information about what’s inside, but it makes the reader want to open it to find out.

The envelope doesn’t tell me much about what’s inside, I just want to open it to find out.

You can use this exact title as the subject of your email, just as you can use the prescribed copy of ANY envelope as the subject.

Here are some in action:

Once you open it with your big topic… your job is to get people to read it.

This brings us to our next point…

Lesson 2 – Use images CORRECTLY to attract attention

There is a lot to do on the internet.

Compete with Facebook, online poker, pornography, Pinterest, or any other content your target audience wants to use online. You have to make yourself interesting if you want a snowball to be read in hell.

One of the easiest ways to attract attention is visual. In addition to copying cosmetics, this is one of the techniques I want to use to get attention, also to make it look visually appealing.

Images don’t just look good on one page. They break up the text and make it more readable (easy = interesting!).

SHOW what you say instead of S S (windows = interesting!). And yes, they look cute. Let’s not forget the power of beauty. These are ‘shiny objects’ and people are naturally attracted to shiny objects. (brilliant = interesting!).

GKIC uses images in a SuperConference sales letter designed to look like a magazine. In this way, we get attention and keep it throughout the sales letter.

Gene Simmons was the keynote speaker and we highlighted that by putting the image in the foreground, it was one of the biggest attractions!

You can do the same with your online sales letters – use a nice, attractive photo and read your sales page.

The digital marketer does this with their sales letter that promotes the email address of their latest promotional product… and using a frontal view to get your attention, give it a head start and get you reading.

(A good title helps too.)

Lesson 3 – Credibility is king

Do you have the “can I trust you?” overcome. objection.

Credit card companies are masters at building credibility.

They have spent a lot of money and a lot of time promoting this “brand recognition” and using it constantly. Their logos have a taste: YOU KNOW you’re getting emails from someone you can trust.

Lesson 4 – Order pages should work too

According to the Baymard Institute, the 67.91% purchase price is impressive. Are you joking ?! This is 70% of the bill you DO NOT make.

Here’s a hard truth about the sales process: You need to keep your potential out of control at all times. It is necessary to encourage their COMPETITION, show that they are making the right decision, and confirm the sale again.

And the same goes for direct mail. Response forms must confirm the sale at each stage.

Lesson 5 – Sometimes it’s good to go straight to the wallet …

IF the audience is right

So we’re talking about envelopes and sales bulletins. But what about postcards? It’s a mainstay in the world of direct mail!

There are two types of postcards: first-generation postcards and postcards. Let’s talk about the last one. (Postcards from the Great Generation are a great strategy – Dan Kennedy talks about it in one of his books. I forgot which one … but you have to read it anyway.)

Selling postcards works if you have an audience you already know, like yours, and they will respond to your offer. Since you’re not creating a good email address, go straight to the sale.

It is what it is …

You will receive this email and you will KNOW that you are a seller. You know you click and get a newsletter. This email does not hide anything. Just like people who KNOW the postcard, it is also sent to an order form when they visit the website we created.

But you will only receive the email if you have already purchased something. This means they KNOW you will be buying Warrior deals because your purchase history proves it. It’s also proof of how to segment your list.

Think about it: when I click on the link, half the battle is over. I know I’ll sell it soon and I say S. You sell it to me! “This is exactly the type of buyer you are looking for.

So here’s your homework …

• View your emails

• Create a file called SWIPE.

• Fill your theft file with instant emails using these techniques, especially emails you see repeatedly. These are the ones that work.

So find at least THREE ideas that you can use in your online marketing and apply them.

These ideas can be for your email, your sales pages, or your online sales newsletters, whatever.

What digital marketing techniques have you learned from direct mail masters? Let us know in the comments. And if you have any questions … ASK!

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