Lifestyle Marketing Platforms Are Flourishing In B2C

Everyone wants to improve their lifestyle. Further developing this term, modern marketers have created “lifestyle marketing” to promote their transactional marketing. Let’s try to understand the term lifestyle well before trying to understand it.

The lifestyle is nothing more than the type of behavior of the individual that differentiates him from others. Lifestyle includes interests, attitudes, activities, ideas, opinions, and aspirations. So when we combine lifestyle and marketing, we create a marketing approach that allows a brand to connect with its audience based on its ideals, value, and aspirations.

Lifestyle marketing is a recent marketing concept in which a brand positions its products and services so that it can build a relationship with the products based on their ideals, aesthetics, touch, aspirations, and ideals. Lifestyle marketing concepts primarily use digital media such as television and smartphones to place ads and gain customers. Some of the most popular lifestyle platforms in use today: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

By including these ideals in their ads, brands make it clear to their target audience that their products are the perfect match for their lifestyle and standard of living.

Lifestyle marketing encourages brands to go beyond normal digital boundaries and deliver a redefined consumer experience.

Lifestyle marketing platforms that help achieve these goals for modern marketers include:


Without a doubt, this was new when the company launched the world’s first lifestyle marketing platform. Parent company Perx Technologies specializes in SaaS in the retention and retention of mobile customers. There is no denying that traditional static loyalty and reward programs are no longer popular in a rapidly changing environment because they are expensive to maintain.

Perx’s LMP is specifically designed to empower brands to deliver meaningful experiences to their customers’ ecosystem, from transactional marketing to meaningful experiences and building valuable relationships. The platform is powered by hyper-customization, superior gamification, and advanced features. The company wants to use the brands it uses to redesign and relaunch customer experience and loyalty engagement strategies and to synchronize everything with its daily lifestyle.

Key features of the lifestyle management platform include online campaign management, bidding rules engine, game distribution, rewards and merchants, loyalty management, and impact dashboard.


Although Perx LMP is the only standalone lifestyle management platform, there are other platforms like Pixlee that help and support digital marketers in their online campaigns. Pixlee is a UGC and influencer platform that helps brands drive their digital commerce. With a large customer base, Pixlee offers unlimited access to effective content, a social cocoon to build the brand, and a large community to spread positive brand messages. Pixlee offers solutions based on the principles of lifestyle marketing and the team knows better than anyone how important this is to customer satisfaction.

The platform brings loyalty and retention, community engagement, brand security, content management, marketing influence, and eCommerce conversion under one roof.

Reasons why Lifestyle Marketing is successful in the B2C space 

Lifestyle marketing is a valuable tool for B2B and B2C marketing. Of course, this is more important for B2C because here you have the opportunity to connect directly with your audience. As lifestyle marketing revolves around the concept of linking product features to the lifestyle of the target audience, it appears that lifestyle marketing is the future of B2C marketing.

Modern brands, capable of meeting the public’s lifestyle and day-to-day needs, are on the rise in the market. Platforms like Perx are certainly still in their infancy, but they still have a long way to go. By bringing their unique capabilities to each brand, they are redefining the customer experience. The best thing about lifestyle marketing is that it’s already ingrained in the hearts and minds of customers and nothing is alienating that needs to be intentionally fixed.

There is a product and the customer just has to find a way to adapt it to their lifestyle. When brands can offer customers the right products and services, they conquer the market.

When brands want to create a lifestyle marketing strategy, they must have a clearly defined lifestyle that they want to sell. Brands need thorough research before launching a new product based on lifestyle marketing principles. It may be more difficult, but it’s worth it.

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