Lightning Fast 5 Ways To Create Stellar Blog Content

5 Lightning Fast Ways To Create Stellar Blog Content:

You want fast ways to create blog content, and you do not have all day to do it.

You are busy!

But even if you have little time, you still want to create good content for three good reasons…

• Keep your email list happy and warm (nothing keeps a list as hot as good content)

• Deliver presentations within the content (own advertising style)

• Determine visitors to your content with relevant offers (learn more about this)

Well, I will not waste your time with this presentation anymore, I know you are in a hurry.

Here are 5 quick ways to create blog content that will delight your audience…

1. The integrated reactor

This post is very simple but the content is great.

Go to YouTube, Facebook, or any other social site and look for a high-quality video from an authority in your niche.

Then include it on your blog.

Below the video: Write a review or comment on the video.

The best part of this strategy is that it offers something to rewrite. And as long as you add something meaningful to the video content, the video can make up the bulk of your message!

And that makes it a very fast way to create new blog content.

2. The content recorder

Collecting content is so easy because you do not create content.

Simply collect great content from anywhere on the internet.

This message works well if you create an Unbounce list item

The post shows excerpts from well-designed landing pages, followed by text explaining what makes each page effective.

This is another strategy that allows you to use someone else’s content, making it a fast way to create a blog post. Unbounce did not create any of these landing pages – it found only 20 excellent examples, put them together, analyzed them, and linked them to the original sources.

The last point (link to the original source) is an important point. Make sure you give credit where it is due – link to the source.

(By the way, did you notice that this post you read is a kind of binder? Of course, there is original content, but many of the examples we refer to our blog posts created by other people.)

3. The post of the interview

These types of jobs require little explanation unless you are shocked about the level of expertise you agree to maintain.

Ask an A-list expert to write an article, he will laugh at you.

But ask them for an interview, and the answer may surprise you.

There is a big difference between asking an expert to write something for you and asking them for an interview – it’s a matter of ego.

4. Publish the quote

I like the citation because it uses outside experts’ authority while creating great content for your audience.

Choose a topic and find relevant quotes from authorities and organize them together.

As a bonus, you can write a comment or quote analysis, but it’s not necessary.

Organizing your post like an infographic will take a little longer, but infographics tend to get many social shares and drive even more traffic to your site.

(Be sure to include your brand name and URL in the infographic itself. If someone includes the image on your site, visitors will still be able to find you.)

5. The crowd visits the post office

This is one of my favorite ways to quickly create great blog content.

The idea here is to have a network of experts or colleagues who can answer a question. Summarize responses in one article.

There are a few things I want to highlight about this email.

• Adapt the copy according to your circumstances and the relationship you have with this expert or colleague

• Send this email in person

• If you don’t know them well, praise them first and let them know they will have access to your audience.

• Ask a question that you know they will have an opinion on.

• If you have other experts or colleagues on board (especially recognizable people), please mention this in the email. Nobody likes to be first on the dance floor.

• If you receive an answer that interests you, thank you and wait 3-5 days in the future. Follow them the day before and the day of the deadline.

So repeat.

Send this email to as many experts as you like –

Finally, get responses from these experts via email.

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