LinkedIn lets Page owners view, sort, learn more about their followers

On the pages, there is also a tab “Event” to view your (virtual) events.

LinkedIn expanded new features on Pages Wednesday to help companies promote their opportunities, get to know their followers, and facilitate communication between employees directly on the platform. Updates include a new ‘My Company’ tab, ‘Events’, and the ability to see ‘Page Followers’.

Followers of the page. Page owners can now see the people they are following and sort their listings by current company, industry, and location. In addition, the new feature shows followers a ‘view’, such as how they found your page and when.

“It provides the transparency needed to better understand the audience, so organizations can more easily share the right content and build their LinkedIn community around the conversations that matter most,” LinkedIn said in the announcement.

Before this change, only the total number of followers and demographic distribution could be viewed.

Events The Events tab is used to keep track of virtual events that occurred during the pandemic. Provides an overview of a company’s past and future events. Events are automatically detected and users can see if they are attending an event and share it with others from this perspective.

My company. This employee guide includes resources such as employee milestones to announce promotions, birthdays, and new jobs, as well as highlights of popular content posted by employees on LinkedIn. It also includes tips for connecting businesses. The company said it will add content compilation and live streaming tools.

Because we care. These updates are mainly in response to the changes brought about by the pandemic, with more virtual events and more employees working remotely. Getting to know your followers is a big change that can help your content on LinkedIn and other channels. LinkedIn, of course, hopes that this additional data about its audience will motivate companies to create and share (and promote) more content on the platform.

3 new features for the LinkedIn marketing page

1: Download the details from the industry page on LinkedIn using the follower analytics feature

Companies use LinkedIn Pages to build their brand on the platform, attract new talent, share products, and services, and promote/share news and events with their employees and followers. A new feature for pages is the ability to see who is following your page. Previously, page admins could only get general demographics and the total number of followers on their page.

With LinkedIn, you can now summarize this data in a spreadsheet, but follower names are not included in the export. You can choose to download the monitoring data from the last 30 days or select your personal data. The following fields are included in this data:

• New followers

• Place

• Post function

• Seniority

• Industry

• Business dimension

You can also view information about your company’s followers, including their names, in Follow Analytics.

Follow the highlights

The Referral section tracks the total number of LinkedIn members who have followed your Page since its inception. This number is updated once a day. You can see the total number of followers over the past 30 days plus the increase or decrease in the percentage of new followers.

Keep track of statistics

The tracking stats section shows a graph of how LinkedIn’s tracking score has changed over time. During this time, keep an eye on your page activity to see if there is a correlation between the content and the increase in followers of your page.

2: View online events from the Opportunity Page on the LinkedIn Page

In early 2020, LinkedIn features were relaunched for Personal Profiles and Industry Pages. To facilitate the search for opportunities and encourage interaction with employees and followers, events are now available in the menu on the left side of the company pages. When you create your cover event, the Events tab appears on your page.

Collect and download subscriber data for LinkedIn events

LinkedIn also includes registration forms that can be submitted on the website. It is currently in beta testing. When someone signs up for your event, they fill out a simple registration form pre-filled with their LinkedIn profile information.

This feature is only available for public events. To add the registration form to your event, people need to fill out the form to attend the event. If a page admin adds a registration form to your event, it can’t be edited or removed after the event is posted.

After the event, event organizers can download registration information from the attendee area. LinkedIn members attending your event can choose not to accept the option to contact you after the event.

3: Improve internal communication through the LinkedIn My Company page

The purpose of the My Company page is to allow companies to create a space for employees on their LinkedIn Page. Initially, this feature was only available for pages with more than 200 employees registered on LinkedIn, and only company employees could view this directory and its content.

One of the goals of having a LinkedIn Trust Space on an Industry Page is to encourage employees to connect while working remotely. This is a space where you can celebrate victories and goals together and get to know each other a little better.

Another goal is to keep your colleagues up to date with the latest industry news in an easy way.

To access this feature, log into your LinkedIn Page and click the My Business tab in the left menu. It is automatically added to all organizations that qualify for the My Company tab. LinkedIn’s release date is December 2020.

Link employees to the company page

Employees must identify themselves as employees of your company and then invite them to link to your page. They can add your company in the Experience section of their personal profile.

If someone adds your company to the Experience section of your profile, that person will be added to your company’s employees. If you discover someone on the My Company page who is not an employee, the page admin can contact LinkedIn support to report the wrong job title.

The content of my company page

Each employee’s experience on the My Company page depends on who is logged in and where they are.

The top section shows industry news, trade shows (if applicable), and new people or colleagues. When employees click on a new colleague’s name, they can send a connection request directly from the My Company tab.

The next section, which covers trends in peer content, lists peer-group locations and encourages employees to connect through their posts. It also helps employees find colleagues with common interests.

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