LinkedIn Social Selling Index Like a Pro in 2021

How to Use LinkedIn Social Selling Index Like a Pro:

LinkedIn is an eternally underrated social media platform. However, it’s not always easy to determine how effective you are on the platform. Subscribe to LinkedIn’s Social Sales Index.

This statistical practice tells you exactly how effective you are as a social service provider and shows you how you can improve. In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about the tool, how to use it correctly, and how to improve your score.

What is LinkedIn social selling price?

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI), launched in 2014, measures the effectiveness of your social selling on the platform.

LinkedIn social selling uses four factors to calculate your SSI:

• create a personal brand

• find the right people

• manage insights

• Build relationships

Each factor is worth 25 points. Complete them all and you will get a perfect score.

There are several reasons for aiming for a high social rate. For starters, a high score increases your reach on the platform. While LinkedIn’s algorithm is not directly on your SSI when determining message, all the individual factors involved in calculating your SSI will help you reach a wider audience.

High SSI can also lead to more connection requests and more people following you, making you a leader in your industry and making it easier to connect with decision-makers.

LinkedIn provides data to support some of these claims. According to the Social Selling Index page, social sellers earn 45% more than social sellers below and are 51% more likely to win stocks. Furthermore, 78% of them sell better than their peers who don’t use social media.

How to find your SSI score on LinkedIn social selling

It’s easy to find your SSI on LinkedIn. If you’re already logged in to LinkedIn, follow the link below to see your score.

Find your social sales index.

You can also log in to your SSI through Sales Navigator by going to Admin and clicking User Reports.

LinkedIn social selling Index Statistics

As mentioned, LinkedIn uses four factors to calculate the social selling price: building a personal brand, finding the right people, getting information, and building relationships.

But what do each of these statistics really mean?

Create a custom brand

For this stat, LinkedIn analyzes how complete your profile is and the quality of the content you publish on the platform. Do you have a cover photo, complete work history, and tips? How many posts do you publish and how many views and comments do the posts receive?

find the right people

These criteria are heavily Sales Navigator oriented, making it difficult to get a good score for free users. LinkedIn wants you to use its tools to find the right people, succeed, and build systems and automation to streamline the process.

involved in insights

Do you share your popular content? If not, you might not be that tall. The more content you share and the more opinions, likes, and comments you receive, the better your ranking.

build relationships

The latest statistics are related to network management. It’s a measure of how often and successfully you contact people.

How to Use LinkedIn social selling Index

How useful is LinkedIn’s Non-Zero Social Sales Index? This is a fair question.

Some people, like Andrew O’Hearn, don’t see much value in the tool. He believes SSI for LinkedIn is a way to promote Sales Navigator.

Evaluate your personal brand

Checking your SSI is a great way to understand the power of your personal brand and take practical steps to improve it. Ultimately, what is measured is managed and you may not realize how far you are from your peers until you are guided.

As each improvement results in a high score, SSI also provides a way to guide you through the process, making it much more likely.

Identify areas for improvement

You may think you are destroying LinkedIn, but you can’t make new connections or post valuable content. Either way, your SSI can easily indicate areas for improvement.

use it as a reference

Perhaps the best use for your SSI as a reference tool. The tool automatically compares your profile to that of others in your industry and network, so you can quickly see where you are now.

You can also use your personal score to track improvements and growth as a social service provider. This is exactly what Microsoft has done to its suppliers. When they first integrated users into Sales Navigator, their average SSI was 48. After a few months of training and activity, their average SSI score jumped to 56.

The impact of this increase is public. Those with higher SSIs saw a 37% chance, and each 10-point increase had 4.3 more chances.

How to improve your SSI

Regardless of your SSI score, you can definitely do something to improve it. Below I have listed five of the best strategies for improving your SSI and increasing the efficiency of your platform.

Fill out your LinkedIn profile

The first and easiest thing you can do to improve your social media selling price is to fill out your profile completely. There is a lot going on here, so here are some starting points to get you started.

• add a profile picture

• enter your message

• adds a practical and keyword-rich summary,

• add your training and skills

• seek advice from colleagues and customers

• add samples of your work in the section above

You will be amazed at how much your SSI score can increase simply by filling out your profile correctly. But be careful. You don’t want so much information that your profile becomes unreadable.

If you add information to your profile, you may wonder if people will find it useful.

Connect with the right people on LinkedIn

To be successful on LinkedIn, you need a good network. Remember that while quantity is important, so is quality. This means you don’t have to send invitations to random people. Instead, take the time to find the right people.

Completion of the social sales index

LinkedIn’s Social Sales Index shows how effectively you are using the platform. Given the importance of social sales in many B2B industries, this kind of insight is essential. It’s also a way to see how you approach your competitors and find improvements.

With a little more time devoted to profiling, network expansion, and interacting with colleagues on the platform, you can set SSI on fire. This can mean a lot more clues and sales. So start making LinkedIn work harder for you.

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