MarTech Platforms to Help Drive Deeper Personalization in Campaigns

Brands have taken personalization to the next level and their MarTech stack is helping them achieve their goals here. Marketing technology is one of the most important components of a company’s overall marketing budget. With the rise of big data, companies have vast amounts of data that need to be analyzed to study and understand each customer’s journey through Personalization.

For deeper Personalization in branding campaigns, here are some of the MarTech tools that can help you:

1. Pardot

Using Pardot, companies can create meaningful connections with customers through Personalization, generate a broader pipeline and sales activity to close more transactions. Excuse me to help you:

  • Generate significant anomalies and move them quickly through the pipeline.
  • Engage shoppers on your terms by offering personalized experiences.
  • Understand the value of each click while tracking the correct marketing ROI.

2. Marketo

As part of the Adobe Suite family, Adobe Marketo offers everything a modern marketer needs on any MarTech platform. Marketo helps users leverage advanced auditory data with built-in intelligence and understand advanced consumer journey flows through Personalization. The marketing automation suite is used by giants like Fujitsu, Citrix, Panasonic, Cloudera, and many more:

  • Increase engagement by monitoring behavior
  • Easily create and manage automated marketing campaigns
  • Determine how marketing channels affect revenue.

3. HubSpot Marketing Hub

The best thing about this marketing automation package is that it helps small, medium, and large businesses. Trusted by companies like Loom,, VMware, Frontify, and many others, HubSpot has all its marketing tools protected under one roof. HubSpot mainly offers:

  • Facilities for effective content creation in the form of blogging, SEO, social media management, live chat, monitoring, and managing video and ads.
  • Interactive ways to convert multiple leads. Some of the notable tools include form builder, landing page builder, marketing automation, email marketing, and so on.
  • a unified platform to bring your team together to translate data into strategies that help move the needle.

4. Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is a leading cloud marketing platform and is a blessing in disguise for modern marketers. Oracle’s Marketing Automation Suite is considered one of the most comprehensive and integrated marketing solutions available for launching channels across all channels. Some of the key activities of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation Suite are:

  • Flexible campaign orchestration
  • Segmentation and target
  • Lead management using advanced intelligence (AI)
  • Reports and analysis

5. Act-On

Modern customers are very smart and need everything that meets their needs. Companies looking to grow with marketing automation must adapt to Act-on’s growth marketing automation platform. The marketing automation solution allows companies to build ongoing personal engagement and convey meaningful suggestions to visitors. With Acton you can:

  • Get phenomenal value from all your marketing programs.
  • Increase customer awareness of brand campaigns
  • Deliver a personalized experience by increasing demand, cultivating leadership, or extending the customer lifecycle.

6. SharpSpring

SharpSpring means smart, simple, and effective. It’s a complete revenue growth platform that provides a powerful set of automated sales and marketing tools that help increase customer conversion and deliver faster results through Personalization. Trusted by over 10,000 companies and 2,000 agencies, SharpSpring offers:

  • Smart tools for email marketing and CRM automation
  • Dynamic shapes to convert more distractions
  • Visual job creator that facilitates marketing automation. It also helps to identify opportunities and important moments.
  • Participant ID designed to accurately identify each event.
  • Facilities to support internal and external CRM integrations.
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