Martech training options expand under COVID

Digital training becomes a new need with the rediscovery of COVID employees.

On June 30, Microsoft launched a new learning platform for Microsoft Teams, adding it to the growing list of software training courses that have been available to the unemployed for over a generation.

Salesforce Trailhead Training

Retraining employees on a large scale may seem daunting, but there are many opportunities in the Martech world for those looking to start a new career.

“There were more than 14 million unemployed people across the country overnight and we are taking the opportunity to use our digital platform and resources to solve this problem,” said Sandeep Bhanot, vice president from Product Trailhead at Salesforce. “Our newly digital world is the foundation of nearly every industry, and Salesforce has had to radically discover sales, marketing, and jobs in all environments.”

Salesforce’s Trailhead Training Platform Includes:

• Divide the training content into ‘paths’ or guided learning paths;

• “Tracks”, which contains a module in which you learn specific topics and business solutions through practical projects with detailed instructions;

• Einstein’s artificial intelligence, which examines individual preferences and learning emblems to recommend new professional development courses;

• Badges are earned for mastering specific skills and ‘Super Badges’ are earned for teaching complex skills and business scenarios

One of the new Trailhead Superbadges has a ‘Sell with Sales Cloud’ badge confirming the experience with simple cloud reports, process creators, and ultra-fast configurations (Lightning Experience is the modernized Salesforce user interface; Process Builder enables automated functions and processing foresee. ) For companies.)

To detect changes in the workplace, Trailhead also offers a contact tracking map for those who want their professional skills to meet the needs of their current workplace, as determined by COVID.

“There are badges that teach you how to build a cloud community and even groups of B2B marketing automation communities,” said Becka Miller, Slalom Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner. It offers a wide variety of marketing, consulting, and implementation services. “Winning badges is the perfect way to show small businesses and nonprofits that you will have to wear a lot of hats when you get a new job.”

Miller leads a weekly Salesforce group in his Houston home market on Saturday on using Trailhead to get a new job. “You can devote yourself to programming or developing skills for a marketing career,” said Miller. “There are so many ways to develop your career”.

Trailhead offers a wide variety of training experiences, all focused on skills development within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Microsoft has great training ambitions

The launch of the new Microsoft Learn platform for Microsoft Teams on June 30 drew a lot of attention to resources and the use of LinkedIn to provide training resources. The goal is to train 25 million people around the world in the digital skills needed to work inside and outside COVID.

The new application:

• Enable employers to integrate LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn content;

• Integrate content from customers and other content providers, from instructor-led training to shorter, more targeted content;

It allows managers to reward and track learning progress and allows employees to have substantial discussions, certifications, and rewards for their skills.

“Whether there is a new recruiting team on board or a manager looking to hone the skills of a team, or a frontline employee who needs immediate training, the new app offers a perfect work experience,”  said, president of Microsoft Smith, said in a statement. blog post: People are already using Microsoft Teams for meetings, chats, conversations, collaboration, and business processes and we plan to extend that with files now.

The Microsoft Learn platform is available to anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft products. It currently offers over 200 learning paths, over 1000 modules, and role-based learning for 17 roles in 23 different languages.

Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning will be included in Microsoft Teams’ new learning program, and Microsoft will present an official preview of the expanded platform at the end of 2020.

“With the new app, learning becomes a natural part of the job,” said Smith. “Employers can use the tools they already use every day at work. Planning for this initiative took on new urgency and importance as the COVID crisis hit the world. Although COVID is lagging behind, the need to help people acquire professional skills is hugely important to Microsoft and the economy at large. “

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