Master eCommerce Social Proof to Increase Conversions in 2021

How to Master Ecommerce Social Proof to Increase Conversions:

If you’re an eCommerce business, you can praise the effectiveness of your product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but that doesn’t mean no one will believe what you say. You are clearly speaking positively about your business – that is your business. That’s why positive social proof is so important.

Social proof is a phenomenon in psychology where people mimic the actions of others in order to adopt correct behavior. For example, Denise has a problem and sees that Becky has solved it with a certain product. Becky’s success in using the product could influence Denise’s decision much more than commercial messaging ever could.

Most non-Amazon e-commerce sites have an average conversion rate of 2% to 3%. With social proof, you can increase the number by more than 10%. Content is still the best in digital marketing, but you can use social proof in your content as well as off-page to give your eCommerce copy a more compelling argument. But how can you use social proof to further your conversion? Read on to find out.

customer reviews

Your satisfied customers can be one of the best sources of social stability in your arsenal. A strong customer review or testimonial will prove your social proof. This applies to e-commerce and other business sectors.

By offering these five-star ratings, this law firm can reassure potential clients. They understand that 97% of people seeking legal services use a search engine to find a lawyer. Increase your value further by ensuring that positive reviews wait when users visit your page.

The same goes for e-commerce businesses. Using Amazon’s star rating along with the products it sells is social proof of e-commerce. They know that 92% of people will believe a recommendation from a colleague, while 70% of buyers will believe a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.

It all comes down to sore spots. Customers want relief and they want proof that someone in a similar situation has found relief through your products. Over 59% of Americans live on their wages to pay, so it makes sense that people would be selective about how they spend their money. They need further encouragement through strong customer testimonials. That’s why it’s important for eCommerce businesses to include customer reviews and testimonials on their homepage and individual product pages.

Of course, there are many ways to list customer testimonials. You can write on the page, add images or (more effectively) create video testimonials where your satisfied customers provide social proof of the excellent experience they’ve had with your business.

comments page

For over 20 years, companies have increased their visibility on the most popular search engines like Google by optimizing their sites with SEO. I like that? Through content marketing, also known as ‘the heart of modern SEO’.

Many people don’t realize that SEO takes place on and off their eCommerce site. You can optimize with any keyword under the sun and use all existing SEO tools. But you’re not going anywhere without backlinks.

Apply to product pages

There is a lot of social proof that can be applied to product pages. To begin with, consider adding the real-time number of people who have purchased your product to the page. If customers see that this product is selling well, they will feel more confident in their purchase decision.

It is also a perfect place to name a few of the above testimonials. If your product is rated on another page, give it a name and a link to the article so you can see third-party reviews.

You will also see a similar counter somewhere on the product page. If a customer has purchased the product and had a positive experience, they can click “Like” or a few inches higher. It creates visual social proof that potential customers will not go unnoticed.

real-time statistics

Numbers don’t lie, and real-time statistics are a great way to convey the power of your products. As mentioned above, the number of people who bought your product or service can be an excellent value. You can also show how many people are currently viewing a page.

It covers an important aspect of social proof: FOMO (fear of losing). It’s a psychological trigger in the human mind that creates fear at the prospect of missing out on the fun or rewarding experiences that your customers love.

celebrity endorsement

Another great way to generate social proof for your eCommerce products is through known approval, also known as social proof. William Shatner speaking for Priceline or Samuel L. Jackson for Capital One is a big step in getting some famous fans to try these services.


On the e-commerce battlefield, social media marketing is one of your best weapons. It works around the customer’s inherent distrust in commercial messages and helps build trust in your products and your brand as a whole.

By using on-page and on-page analytics, putting social proof on product pages, creating case studies, viewing real-time stats, and using recommendations, you’ll see an increase in your conversion rate like you’ve never seen before. It may not go through with general commercial messages.

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