Michael Phelps and Kane Brown are leading this month’s virtual event revolution

How PR Week and Pandora embrace the virtual.

The definition of a live event has changed 180 degrees since March. Today, thanks to COVID, these events are rarely personal.

While this has led to the reduction or elimination of local revenue, many platforms, organizations, and business entities are taking the opportunity to add value to participants and sponsors of virtual opportunities.

PR Week almost started with Michael Phelps

One of the first events postponed was the long-awaited award for the PR week in New York, known as the Liaison Industry Oscar. The early spring event aims to honor Olympic swimmer and 28-time medalist Michael Phelps in 2020 as a contestant of the year for his mental health awareness campaign.

Instead of the traditional awards gala, PR Week is a virtual event on July 30 at 4 pm. ET, and instead of honoring Phelps during the ceremony, move its attendees to a more interactive question-and-answer session to open the awards. In the evening there is a reception for the announcer and later a webcast.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” said Steve Barrett, editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief of PR Week. He will do the question and answer session with Phelps. “I believe we will now have virtual elements for all our events, even if we go back to the events in a physical environment.”

The sensational event attracted the attention of more than twenty top sponsors for $ 199 each, including:

Fortune 500 Company:

• Aflac

• Chevron

• General engines

• Easy

Public relations:

• Allison + Partners

• Fidalgo

• Fleishman Hillard

• Ketchum

Therefore, we create and create a series of new virtual opportunities to meet our audience’s desire to meet, learn, and network.

Panda’s virtual concert with Kane Brown

On July 28, at 20:00 New York time, Pandora, the largest audio provider in the United States, will launch the next generation of its live series for the virtual era.

Country artist Kane Brown paves the way for the first exhibition, which aims to add value to clients and sponsors.

Participants’ experiences:

• Barbecue Preview: Kingsford Charcoal sends fans home-made barbecue recipes before Brown’s performance, so they can put the show ahead;

• Promotional clothing: Persil Proclean Cleaner celebrates the opening program by offering fans an exclusive Kane Brown t-shirt with the brand code on the Brown website;

• Cremo, a menswear company, offers listeners access to Brown’s background by sponsoring his story with Pandora.

The Pandora Story follows the artists’ performances and provides personal commentary between songs. Brown debuted with his song “Take Me Home” and let Pandora’s cameras follow him through the ruins of East Nashville, Tennessee, where his new song “Worldwide Beautiful” inspired a mural. The Night is also shown by Brown, a short film based on a true experience.

The partnership with Pandora offers incredible virtual performances with surprises for fans.”

Fans can also expect to see famous artists from the entertainment industry as the evening is hosted by Storms Warren of The Highway on SiriusXM. Fans can perform to record virtual performances on Pandora and some programs will be re-broadcast on SiriusXM.

To further support the artists, Pandora purchased the products to sell on the tour and adapted them to make a limited edition available to fans on the night of the show.

Pandora uses Maestro for experiences of virtual events and Looped for encounters with virtual artists. Participants in the event have access to programs by creating a profile on Live.Pandora.com and are encouraged to respond immediately.

The site offers virtual programs and promotes the relationship between artists, brands, and fans through a virtual photo booth, quiz games, and the reception of exclusive products. It also includes live story content and chats functionality before and during presentations.

“Pandora works with brands to bring together activities and content from fans to complete the viewing experience at home,” said senior director of experiential marketing. ‘For virtual events, you have to provide so many extra features with all the experience components needed to fit into the digital space. With many virtual events in the ecosystem, we focus on delivering unique, high-quality, and unexpected content and digital art activities to keep engagement high. “

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