Oddball Email Subject Line Formulas That NEVER Fail

Oddball Email Subject Line Formulas That NEVER Fail:

If it does not open, it will not be read.

I probably emailed 10,000 lines over the course of my career and until last year I never thought about how or why some do not work and others do not.

So last week I spent an entire day with five email clients and selected the winners by just clicking on what I found really interesting.

Our email threads with the highest open rate of 3000 dates in AL follow one of the 10 formulas.

Here they are in  order of commonality

# 1 Distract your attention.

EXAMPLE: Have you ever seen these 4 girls fight? [VIDEO]

You need to understand that this is the first rule for unwanted and informed appointments. Only the shock factor increases the reader’s curiosity.

# 2 Make a prediction

EXAMPLE: Amazon buys Google in 2014, how to make money

People like predictions. Look at the National Enquirer of December and you will see the cover full of forecasts for the coming year.

# 3 Press Release

EXAMPLE: Today Obama reduces social security by 12.77%

Interesting items are easy to find. Remember, if you are using a news headline, you need to scroll through the news about your post in the body.

# 4 Make a B.U.D.A.

EXAMPLE: New York Times: New KILLS Banking Software

The U.D.A. is an undeniably large government institution. The  Times, Amazon, Google, the FDA, the President of the United States, etc. If they make quotes that support your point of view, it’s great to use them as an object.

# 5 Invite

EXAMPLE: Your VIP Invitation to Warroom Inside [Open Now]

Exclusive invitations are rare invitations for your readers to take part in something special. Make it clear in the thread that your reader is invited to something and that he will open it.

# 6 Offer a FREE Gift

EXAMPLE: Free WEIRD knife included – NOW OPEN

Now we had to deal with the salt: the volume. Offer a free gift and you have maximum access to your email address. Make sure readers do not feel cheated when they enter.

# 7 Sny Trivia


Out of curiosity, the prison is full and the church is empty. And curiosity moves people to open emails. Websites like popurls.com are an excellent source of curiosity.

# 8 Encourage your reader

EXAMPLE: Only for you, the best 2% CEOs ß Exclusive

Everyone wants to feel special. It is a law of human nature. Flatter your readers and tell them they are part of a very special group.

# 9: Promise a chance

EXAMPLE: “He has more energy again than a 12-year-old boy”

While it seems obvious, people still don’t have any benefit or “what’s wrong with me” for their readers? This is the most powerful access for your readers.

# 10 Ask a question

EXAMPLE: “Would you do it for money?” [VIDEO]

After all, everyone wants to have their say. Trials are free and generally worth paying for, but your readers will reply or at least open the message upon request.

Here are the top 10 formulas for email topics. We write different versions of this for every promotion we run, and our creative emails never run out.

Here are some strange facts …

The numbers in the subject lines almost ALWAYS generate multiple responses

EXAMPLE: “4,526 people did this and lost 6,839 pounds”

Strange characters almost always increase the reaction

EXAMPLE: “Hoffman Richter brand saves 62%”

Weird words like “weird” almost always add something to the answer.

EXAMPLE: “3 weird results from a crazy neuroscientist”

Combine these three tricks and ten formulas above and you should easily double your email rates.

Remember … you MUST be congruent to the body or just pee on the string.

“Subject: Photo of your naked mother” is displayed, but due to …

“Good news! You can now save 15% on your auto insurance by switching to Blyco”, you were shocked.

Here’s the quiz:

 Ask these three questions VERY honestly when compiling your email threads …

# 1 Does everyone like mail in the inbox?

# 2 Did the subject line seem too valuable to delete without opening it?

# 3 Would your thread open your email with the right expectations and attitude towards what it says?

Pass all three and you have a winner!

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