Oracle announces 3D game ad performance metrics in 2021

Additional updates to Oracle Subscription Management

Oracle today announced a series of updates to its Advertising and CX Suite. Most important was the enhancement of subscriber management and activation of Oracle Moat Measuring, the video statistics solution, in-game environments.

We spoke with Nate Skinner, senior vice president of global marketing at Oracle Advertising and CX, to get contextual information about the ads.

To reach the players. Games have become an area of great growth in recent years, not only for those who want to play video games but also for companies looking to reach a target audience. It’s a big space. Ad revenue is expected to reach $ 20 billion by 2024.

3D games are especially popular, where the surfaces of objects can serve as advertising space: just like in the physical world, advertisements are displayed in buildings, buses, and urban furniture. The idea of putting your logo or brand in a 3D gaming environment is a great idea,” he continued. “There are platforms that offer the ability to do that. What we are announcing today is the ability to measure the impact and determine whether GIVT [general invalid traffic] is present.

Manage the life cycle. Subscription management has also become increasingly important as the subscriber economy continues to grow and it becomes increasingly important to build relationships with well-known customers. Over the course of the pandemic, many companies have said the most important thing is to consistently monetize a subscription model.

This means not only subscriber models for consumers but also the same models in the B2B space. Oracle Subscriber Management can be used as a self-service and can be integrated with trading websites. We’ve added some great features to this launch, to help companies understand and predict wings.

Preliminary reports on KPIs that are relevant to a subscriber business (for example, a decrease in the number of subscriptions) are combined with a predictive dashboard that knows the risks of early delivery.

 In a subscriber economy, this is, even more, the case. After creating an updated recipe, via inbox via B2B negotiation or B2C credit card, you want to know if the energy stays where it belongs or is at risk, and if so what should I do? ‘

By integrating service logistics with subscriber management, you can provide sales reps in the field, special rates, and other benefits that customers can offer during consultations.

The performance measurement offering for 3D game ads and subscription management is free for Oracle customers.

Marketing, sales, and services. Oracle also announces customer updates. Among the following:

• On the B2B marketing side, point prediction based on machine learning at Eloqua;

• Forecasts, campaigns, and B2C marketing channels focused on machine learning at Responsys;

• Oracle Content Management for text and video, including a multi-channel calendar;

• For sale, automated alerts linked to requests, opportunities, and accounts to identify risks and opportunities for engagement;

• For Services: A new version of B2B Service Knowledge Management captures information and delivers it to support agents through a new and more intuitive interface.

Why do we care?

This is the season for the biggest players in the CX pack (or, if you prefer, CRM) launching their first round of product announcements for the year. Oracle is one of the big three.

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