Oracle announces updates to Oracle Unity

Some updates are intended to improve CDP’s ability to support B2B marketing.

The CDP race. This marks the last turning point in the CDP race among the big players in the CX space, with Real-Time CDP and Salesforce announcing last week that Customer 360 will be publicly available in October.

, senior vice president and global marketing leader at Oracle CX, joined Oracle this year, after three years as a senior marketer at Salesforce Pardot. We asked him to guide us in new developments.

Awakening. “The first is to improve security and privacy,” he said. In this environment, the digital transformation of companies has accelerated enormously over the years. Everyone wants to make sure they follow the rules, but some don’t really know what that means. What we announced in this release was the integration with Sourcepoint, an authorization management platform, and OneTrust, leading security, and privacy platform.

Ad activation. Oracle also announces the activation of advertisements for unknown customers. With hundreds of thousands of unknown visitors roaming the Oracle ecosystem daily, Unity conducts behavioral analysis and machine learning in real-time to improve your experience. “The unknown personification is an important feature of this version,”  It is on all channels: websites, apps, POS.

Advertising is also enabled for well-known visitors through integration with Oracle’s DMP.

Benefits for B2B. “In this release,”, “we announced B2B features, including data scheduling, account and contact support, and deep integration with Eloqua.” Unity already has B2B functionality: “What makes this integration are the capabilities of Eloqua. In a person’s B2B scheme, in addition to just an email address and name, we have improved the integration with Eloqua to allow account-based marketing.

Partnership with Sprinklr. In order to connect all points on the non-linear path of the client’s current journey, the social activity must be taken into account. 

Because we care. 

Since the CX packages are comprised of integrated offers and acquisitions, the main suppliers collect data from the package in an actionable way.

The latest updates for Oracle Customer Experience (CX) include:

New B2B Features: 

Help salespeople improve efficiency and accelerate the sales cycle by providing a more prescribed sales experience and tedious data entry tasks.

Voice features: 

With the new digital assistant, providers can chat with their CRM system and use voice commands on a mobile device to create follow-up commands, add an attachment to an account, register an account update, and more.

Simplified quotation:

 Salespeople now have the ability to search, view and manage complex quotes on a single screen on a computer or mobile device, without having to switch between data and screens.

Communications industry:

 A new approach to the digital experience for communication applications that helps communication service providers offer more relevant offers to customers to increase conversion rates. This includes making it easier for customers to purchase services through their favorite channels.

Convenient user interface: data-driven recommendations help salespeople save time and focus on the best opportunities.

Smart Lists – helps sellers take the next action and automatically displays relevant information based on their past behavior.

Infolet – Allows salespeople to quickly seize opportunities, qualify opportunities, rank companies and create businesses on their CRM system homepage.

Advanced Search – Helps sellers quickly and easily find information, meetings, invoices, and quotes. In addition, users allow bookmarks to mark records for later archiving.

New B2B service features:

 help customer service agents build stronger relationships with their customers and deliver faster solutions.

Automated digital service: 

advanced features enable customer service teams to quickly start a digital service assistant that can quickly solve large amounts of complex customer problems. Driven by artificial intelligence, advanced knowledge management, digital assistants, and proactive management tools, they will automatically scale the service anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive interface and data: To simplify agent integration and improve productivity, agents have direct access to all tools and account information in an intuitive interface.

Agent Integration: 

Reduce the agent’s time and revenue by providing the agency with an intuitive console that mimics popular consumer applications.

Call Flow: 

Accelerate troubleshooting and increase customer trust by providing agents with critical information about customer interactions across channels in a constant flow.

A holistic version of the account: 

gives agents access to all customer data, from all departments, from finance and customer service to marketing and sales, so that they can solve problems without moving the customer to another department.

New Loyalty and Marketing Opportunities: 

Oracle CrowdTwist innovations help marketers increase customer engagement, retention, and lifelong value by delivering more personalized offers and instant experiences.

CDP Loyalty Data Streams: The new two-way data stream between Oracle CrowdTwist and Oracle Unity, Oracle’s Client Data Platform (CDP), enables marketers to create richer datasets and audiences that support more presentations, content, and campaigns.

Family Rewards Programs: 

Helps marketers engage a customer’s personal network of friends and family so they can get loyalty programs from their ‘family’ to earn rewards faster.

Affiliate management enables marketers to increase engagement with loyalty programs by integrating affiliate offers that allow loyalty program members to earn points and rewards in new ways.

Better integration in campaign management:

 use CrowdTwist loyalty data in Responsys to create more personalized offers in your marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Exhaustion analysis and optimization panel: 

provides the best subject lines for your message to improve open rates, helps traders reduce fatigue and returns of recipients, and provides a holistic picture of customer engagement with customers.

Zoom integration: 

helps marketers deliver, track and analyze richer virtual events and multi-channel nutrition or nutrition programs with a new data stream from Zoom to Eloqua.

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