Organic Reach Problem:5 Solution to Your Problems on Facebook

Has the organic reach of your Facebook page decreased a lot?

Ours has.

In late August and early September, we discovered the problem on some of our Facebook pages.

With a Facebook page of nearly 20,000 people, we saw pathetic numbers in our status updates.

This type of message no longer works

We knew that Facebook had done an algorithm update. We have different types of content, times of day, etc. Tested, but it was clear that Facebook would force us to advertise.

Then a Facebook statement leaked confirming what we had been seeing for months. here is the explanation,

“We expect the organic distribution of ratings on individual pages to gradually decrease as we continually work to ensure that people have a meaningful experience on the site.”

In other words, if you want to increase your engagement level, you get your wallet.

While most marketers shouted ‘extortion’ and fled to Facebook in search of cheaper clicks on Pinterest or elsewhere, we started testing.

This is what we found …

We have seen a dramatic difference between the work we “strengthen” (we spend money) and what we do not.

We have not broken the bank yet: we have shown three cases where we spent a meager $ 5 to strengthen our position.

At the end of this post, you will also see a bonus case that explains how we got a bunch of email notifications from a Facebook message (but if you can not wait, you can check out this bonus trick here).

Case 1 – Increase engagement and post on Facebook

Here is a post that did NOT give us a boost. This is a terrible result, far below what we expected from our biological work.

Case 2 – Increase the click on our website from a Facebook post

Of the 332 people who saw our post in 19008 for $ 5, this is an increase of 5.625%. This is a good idea. Not only because of the huge increase but also because our competitors are rejecting it. It offers us an opportunity.

We were wondering if this would also translate into clicks on our website. We tested the $ 5 impact on our site.

As Ryan Deiss says:

“Whoever is willing to pay more for a customer wins.”

Here’s another post with a link we did NOT expand,

Case 3 – Increase video views for a Facebook post on YouTube

The last one we saw was a $ 5 investment in a video we uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Let’s first look at the output of a video we did NOT expand, The reach and engagement of this post were moderate compared to the “extended” post, and we found virtually no videos of this post on Facebook.

Here’s the Facebook post promoting the YouTube video, which gave us a $ 5 boost,

Bonus case:

increase the number of email signatures on a Facebook post

In this video, Ryan Deiss discusses a strategy we use on Facebook to get 250 emails in 18 hours for $ 25.

That equates to 10 cents per email record. We will spread this simple trick on Facebook pages across all our niches as it can work for any business.

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