Perfect Sense rebrands as Brightspot

After 12 years, the company was named after its platform.

Brightspot is the content platform created by Perfect Sense, a product and service company founded 12 years ago. Perfect Sense owes its name to Brightspot this week.

A name is important, Do you miss the name Perfect Sense? I’m not going to lose the confusion by explaining the difference between Perfect Sense and Brightspot.

Originally for publishers. Perfect Sense starts with delivering a CMS to publishers and publishers, adding digital asset management with federal research and an attribution workflow structure. The choice to name the Content Business Platform indicates an attempt to expand the customer base. “Looking to the future, we can support everyone involved in the content industry,

In recent years, Perfect Sense has also offered the CMS Brightspot to the government, but it would be leaving the industry. The private person keeps us busy. The brand’s clients include Walmart, Sotheby’s, and Mattress Firm.

Headless makes sense. Beaudoin explained that Brightspot is pre-agnostic. Some companies have very specific integration requirements, so it makes sense to have a commission-free infrastructure. The traditional CMS infrastructure is designed to support websites; The headless CMS is not linked to a specific output but displays the content as data on any device or channel.

Beaudoin warns that ‘headless’ is the buzzword right now. He questions this from customers who only need content management for a traditional website, he said.

Companies move forward and help customers digitally transform for the future

RESTON, go. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Perfect Sense, a professional service products company founded in 2008, announced today that it has changed its name to Brightspot, the name of its flagship Content Business Platform product. The core of Brightspot’s redefining, both the company and the platform, is more than a name change. Brightspot’s content platform has proven over the past twelve years that it helps many of the world’s most popular brands reach and grow their audiences. The organization says today that Brightspot is a true partner to maintain success, help customers transform their content businesses, and influence the people who matter most: their customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Renaming the Brightspot comes at a time when growing demand requires all businesses to become content companies. The Brightspot Content Business platform is designed to replace traditional content management systems (CMS), which are widely considered insufficient to fully enable and support the digital transformation needs of modern businesses. The world-class delivery team behind Brightspot enables companies to resolve unique business priorities without compromise, regardless of industry logic, workflow, or content types.

“It is incredibly rewarding to see what Perfect Sense has become – now Brightspot -” said, CEO, and co-founder of Brightspot. “The business we started 12 years ago is the same as the business we do now, more relevant than ever – and we are very proud of it. We are proud to see our work through the success of our clients. be the driving force behind your business and make rapid progress. 

Brightspot’s targeted partnership approach is designed by publishers and developers with comprehensive architecture and the ability to be ready for integration. Brightspot is at the heart of an ecosystem that helps customers stay competitive and meet the critical demand for content in today’s digital world. Brightspot customers, such as the Los Angeles Times, have found that these benefits are no longer pleasant, but that they must deliver the personalized experiences and digital transformation their customers have come to expect.

‘As a media company, we need different tools to report and publish stories in different formats. The Brightspot team has been an excellent partner to us and the product has helped streamline our publishing activities in our CMS, office, and asset management, ” said, CTO of the Los Angeles Times. Flexible and scalable solution that has grown with us to meet the needs of our editorial team, audience, and clients. 

Gartner noted in a recent report * “Content management is at the heart of the digital experience and customer experience management. Organizations need to make it an important part of any operational IT or modernization strategy.”

Since its inception, Brightspot has been based on resilience, conviction, and generosity – the search for solutions for customers, employees, and society. The company is still passionate about influencing its customers’ most important moments and often works with them to achieve bigger business goals.

Now that Brightspot is launching its new brand, there is a strong belief that returns are essential to doing business. Last year, the Brightspot team touched the lives of over 1,850 people and will continue the mission.

We would like to thank our current customers and partners for their continued challenges, trust, and growth with us – and we hope our future customers will transform their content businesses and become part of their story,

About Brightspot

At Brightspot, we believe tech-focused teams need to work smarter, faster, and more consistently to run their business.

With decades of combined publishing and media experience, we’ve built a powerful content platform and world-class delivery team to help businesses rapidly transform their business content and digital experiences.

Because we care.

 Content overload, especially on digital channels, has been a subject of debate for years. Brands that want to be heard above the noise need a perfect system for creating and delivering content. Brightspot is one of the suppliers in the struggle to offer it.

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