Promotional Email: How to Write it in 2021

Promotional email address

The main purpose of a promotional email is to inform potential customers about your product or service. Regular email promotions include coupons or other discounts, access to exclusive content, or access to an exclusive invitation-only event. The ultimate goal of email promotion is to guide a prospect through the sales funnel to a conversion. The type of conversion depends on your specific business, but the most common conversion is the purchase of a product or service. Other conversions can happen by opening or downloading a whitepaper. Promotion as part of the email implementation can be offered for a limited time, so the recipient must take immediate action.

Write successful promotional emails

Customize the email subject

People open multiple emails with custom subjects. Instead of sending duplicate emails in bulk, sellers should include customer information such as name and last order information. In addition to the theme, the content must also match the profile and preferences of the target group. The promotional email should also be limited to the subject line. Remember to focus on the topic.

be concise but strong

After a recipient clicks on the email, there is time to grab her attention. Use easy-to-understand language rather than “technical” words that can tire the reader. Even long paragraphs can be overwhelming. Best short, relevant, and strong work. At the same time, the email should be engaging.

Focus on one message

If you have more than one message at your email address, it will be less effective. Sloppy emails are harder to read, and subscribers are likely to miss their main focus. The marketer’s goal should be to ensure that the content and call to action emphasize the primary goal of the promotional campaign. Use words or phrases that lead to action. Active calls to action can increase revenue and generate sales.

Make email compatible with mobile devices

A large percentage of the target audience sees the promotional email on their mobile devices. Therefore, you should browse the email address in a simple and intuitive way. By including captions, images, and lists, subscribers can quickly understand the main message of your email and easily navigate between sections. All email templates created with SendPulse are compatible and responsive on mobile devices.

Read carefully

Evaluation is almost always ignored, even if it is obvious. Typographical errors and poorly written content can damage your brand and decrease your credibility. It is essential to check your email and remove errors.

What should you include in your promotional email?

Marketers need to be careful not to get caught up in spam. For those who need help writing emails, SendPulse has an excellent email editor where users can drag and drop to create and edit templates. Users can also choose from over 130 email marketing templates. It is not necessary to know HTML.

1. A sender’s name. Explain who sent the email to prevent recipients from moving the promotional email to the spam email. Just use your company name for your purpose or add your name.

2. An interesting object. The subject line affects the open rate of your promotional email address. It should therefore be catchy and be 6-10 words long. A / B tries different variations of your topic to find the best one.

3. Main message. Look at the promotion or offer you are selling to subscribers. It can be accompanied by text from images. This section can be divided for better optimization.

4. Call to action phrases. Sell   a message with useful words. However, marketers should be careful about using words that make the message too intrusive.

How to send promotional emails

Email marketing is very competitive and it can be difficult to brand your promotional email.

This is why every business owner or marketer needs to know how to send emails to promote their brand:

1. Use your own address

2. Segment your mailing list

3. Automate your emails

The most effective time to send promotional emails

Knowing the best time and date to send promotional emails can boost a brand’s marketing campaign. Tuesday, followed by Thursday, are the best days to send your marketing email. Send your email in the morning, preferably around 10:00, for maximum pressure and conversion. Research shows that afternoons are also good because many people are less active at work and seek distraction. Use an excellent email template for your promotional campaign to get attention all day long.

How often should you send promotional emails?

Too many ads become annoying and cause users to leave a service. The number of emails you send depends on the competition in the industry and the type of product or service you offer. A / B testing can help a marketer send the right number of marketing emails. However, most marketers agree that 1-6 jobs per month are ideal.

Send promotional emails to a Gmail inbox

Placing your message in the Gmail subscriber’s mailbox does not have to look like an explicit promotion. You can avoid words that the reader should buy right away. The best way is to use subtle marketing words. Other things that can help include:

• Greet the recipient by name

• Do not include more than one link in the message

• Avoid photos and heavy HTML

• Domain verification

final thoughts

Using promotional emails as part of a business marketing strategy can help increase brand awareness, increase customer engagement and trust, and increase sales. For a more effective campaign, you can use SendPulse to create email addresses with an open rate of more than 60% and keep your subscribers’ replies to the emails you send.

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