Release Notes: Neustar launches Fabrick

Add statistics for a post-cookie world.

The recent launch of Fabrick by Neustar – an ecosystem rather than a unitary solution – reflects the growing awareness among retailers Martech and Adtech that innovation is necessary to meet the global cookie and privacy challenges.

Neustar Fabrick offers us an unprecedented combination of data, technology, and multimedia links to connect all sides of the digital marketing world, said, senior vice president of product and customer experience at GM. Fabric ID is a true identity-based solution that links your phone number, email address, and exclusive consumer and family photos to your advertiser’s data. And it is fully compatible with the other excellent transaction IDs used to purchase and view media content. “

Publishers and presentation platforms can now replace real-time audiences and subscriber IDs with a Fabrick ID. An API call from Neustar Fabrick automatically replaces personally identifiable information (PII) with a pseudonym. Protect publisher’s public data from the removal and cleaning of third-party cookies, stay focused, increase the value of your inventory and improve your advertising campaign statistics, and enrich the data records distributed with demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographical identity.

Media buyers and sellers can now rely on third-party cookies to obtain a more stable, privacy-oriented ID, Prince, executive vice president, and president of analytical solutions at Neustar. Fabric ID provides publishers and advertisers with a sustainable and accurate way to manage and reach audiences and measure marketing performance through our multi-touch attribution and advanced analytics solutions.

In addition to integrating publishers and SSPs, including PubMatic, Neustar Fabrick can also connect to popular application platforms (DSPs), advertising offers, data delivery, and other leading technology providers, including The Trade Desk, LiveRamp, and Flashtalking.

A versatile approach.

 Devon DeBlasio, director of product marketing at Neustar, explained the thinking behind Fabrick. Fabric is nothing special, There is no substitute for the cookie. Therefore, we have developed a versatile approach that replaces the cookie and other perishable identifiers.

Neustar is committed to working directly with publishers and platforms to resolve identified issues. We have access to a very large repository of real identity data from various sources collected over the years. In the risk and fraud sector and in the security and communications sector, we use identity to identify the person. Perishable. Digital identifiers disappear, likely to be replaced by permanent identification. 

Permanent IDs.

 Permanent identification will be based on components such as encrypted or urgent name, address, phone, or email, he explained. We already have connections with distribution platforms, as well as directly with publishers, as well as with many of the large walled gardens, While it obscures all user-level information, merchants can receive detailed user data to tag or measure media.

In addition, we also partner with third-party data providers and create a market for our advertisers with generic user information, We need to work with some of these contextual data providers to get information that allows for some form of support or response.

New targeting activated. 

Does this strategy support known programmatic referral strategies that send channels and devices to consumers with ads for a product or service they’re looking for? If you have visited a website and have not identified it, a contextual data provider will analyze certain behavior on the website, make it accessible to, say, 1000 users and provide you with an anonymous version of your interaction with the website. – via a real-time API: to another provider, which creates some sort of trigger-based engagement that produces more information or an advertisement. “

Why do we care? 

The fabric seems like a fitting name, as Neustar wants to place the identity framework in an infrastructure designed to enable action messaging for these (anonymous) identities in real-time and at scale. Many suppliers now produce these rugs and they all have a slightly different look.

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