Release Notes: Salesforce announces innovations for uncertain times

The latest improvements in the package respond to the current business environment.

At a press conference this morning, Salesforce executives announced three areas of innovation designed to respond to today’s business environment. Adam Blitzer, co-founder of Pardot, and now GM and PPE for the clouds of marketing, commerce, and community, characterized the present moment in terms of three crises: a pandemic, an economic crisis, and systemic racism.

In response, Salesforce created an Equality and Racial Health Task Force, led by the Equality, Recruiting, Philanthropy, Acquisition, and Government Affairs team. Today’s announcements are designed to support Salesforce customers.

Humanization of digital interactions. Humanity and empathy must be prominent in today’s digital interactions. Developed by Einstein AI, Salesforce Interaction Studio analyzes brand engagement with customers across all channels and makes real-time decisions on what to show or say, as well as the usual adjustments. It will normally be available in the third quarter of 2020 and reflects the experience gained from acquiring the 1: 1 personalization platform.

Engage B2B customers with empathy. The new Pardot Premium offering available this month is intended to help B2B customers meet and respond to their needs. New features include B2B Marketing Analytics Plus, which uses AI to not only understand campaign performance, but also its predictions, and Einstein’s reward, which aims to earn more touchpoints throughout the campaign.

Budget and impact optimization. Two other acquisitions help optimize spend and ROI: Datorama, which extracts and normalizes data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth, and Tableau, which allows for a complete overview of the data. Data collection is now automated, with more than 150 API connections, making it easier for non-data scientists to navigate Tableau’s advanced view.

Why are we interested?

 Blitzer was asked if these stages of the roadmap would be reached this stage and said that the elements of development have been accelerated in response to this period of multiple crises. Improvements to Salesforce’s dominant marketing package are always important, and the effort to transform them at least in the right world context seems worthwhile. Allocation and ROI are essential in a short budget period.

Optimize budget and impact: Datorama’s new integration with Tableau connects marketing and business data for better analysis

As marketing budgets are scrutinized and reduced in many cases, analytics tools have become an important tool in the marketing arsenal for understanding how to optimize spend and ROI. Traditionally, it has been a major challenge to bring marketing data into a unified state of marketing and business information.

Marketers can use Datorama to centralize and collect all data for marketing performance while using Tableau’s new integration to seamlessly scale analytics in their organizations and examine data in every way imaginable.

Datorama’s integration with Tableau helps marketers optimize budgets and data with:

• Automatic integration of marketing data: connect and combine all marketing data on Datorama with the no-click code with over 150 marketing and media APIs and dynamic modeling of marketing data

• Real-time marketing insights: optimize budget efficiency on a large scale with constant access to all costs, results, and operational results on Datorama

• Integrated business analytics: Compensate business table data with unified marketing data for each marketing channel and platform

• Uncover Marketing Data: Use Tableau’s self-service exploration and advanced visualization for in-depth opportunity analysis and optimize budget performance for efficiency and effectiveness.

At AKQA, we need continuous access to data and insights to fully optimize media spend for our strong customer portfolio. With Datorama, we can combine and harmonize all of our clients’ multimedia and marketing data into a single recording system to maximize analyst time and client budget, ” says, chief analyst at AKQA. to search for additional datasets and create advanced data models. 

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