Repurposing an internal digital ad solution for client use

Internal data sources serve as the basis for a new external platform.

The popular saying that “necessity is the mother of invention” has been confirmed in the Martech world, where forced innovation has led to the introduction of new processes, products, and platforms.

For example, Digital Remedy, a digital provider of digital marketing services, recently launched the AdReady + platform for digital advertising management services for independent marketing agencies. Originally, it was an unmarked internal tool and relaunched its internal platform for external use in just 75 days to meet customer demand.

One thing that helped to recover was the availability of the data. Previous campaign history, reach data, algorithms and digital asset success statistics were sent as an internal tool in the previous AdReady + lifecycle.

“We have an excellent data collection service that leverages advertising and marketing activities,” said David Zapletal, Director of Innovation at Digital Remedy. “We wanted to create an internal planning process for our customers that was smarter, more efficient, and with a higher level of functionality and better relationships.”

The 300 platforms include DSPs with a media pipeline to make campaigns more effective, as well as data collection and allocation, media pipelines and dissemination processes, graphical and graphical reporting tools. “Now an agency can report in three minutes and have a holistic plan based on 20 years of experience in real campaigns, not on hypothetical or outdated lists,” said Zapletal. “Marketers will receive holistic reports 24 hours after launch.”

Digital Remedy had previously planned to build a campaign management tool for external use by customers, but the sudden appearance of new requests has required the development of a new platform. Self-service on the platform was also a requirement to ensure that the user experience was not delayed by support requests or information silos.

Historical campaign data used exclusively for internal purposes is now combined with data used for external audiences. When marketers start making suggestions, Ad Ready + uses large datasets to make objective recommendations. Ad Ready + provides automated processes and data for agency services, including proposal requests, campaign planning, media coverage, and media purchases, all with real-time reporting.

“Not all marketers are in the same situation because of their industry,” said Tiffany Coletti Kaiser, marketing EPP at Digital Remedy. ‘Some are pedestrian dependent and others are completely dependent on e-commerce. You can receive real-time reports [from the start of a campaign] within 24 hours and we know that every second count in this new world.

To ensure marketers can report the information business leaders and executives need, AdReady + provides charts and reporting tables, including weekly performance, media-type spend, media-type CPI, emerging campaigns, and most recent campaigns.

“We knew it would be important to combine fast response time to determine the success of the media campaign,” Zapletal said.

Digital Remedy has also integrated a segment search tool and private market listing directly into AdReady +, enabling the user to search for the required domain segments and categories without leaving the platform. More than 50 segment and data provider search tools have been loaded on AdReady +, including well-known data providers such as comScore, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Integral Ad Science, J.D. Power, LinkedIn, MasterCard, and The Weather Channel.

“All of these features allow users to make suggestions faster than they can ever imagine,” Kaiser said. “Agencies do not have to worry about research and composition, but the stack does the work.”

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