Resources That Will Help to Write Better Content in 2021

Resources That Will Help to Write Better Content:

Before starting your online store, you probably learned about budgeting, taxation, supply chain management, SEM, and all the other skills that will help you run a successful business. If you haven’t added content and a copywriting strategy to your list of skills, you’re not alone. Because writing and communication seem to be a “soft” skill that we’ve progressively developed over the years, many e-commerce store owners underestimate its importance and underestimate the ease with which they can perform it. Content is the sandbag of the eCommerce world, which is why we love it.

If you’re not a writer, it’s a good idea to hire a copywriter, but if you have the right writing skills and a budget, you can put your content on the site. You just need to learn a little more about how to strategically adapt your content to make it web- and conversion-friendly. Here are five resources to get you started:

EdX courses

Coursera and EdX are incredible learning opportunities in a rigorous academic environment. Both platforms offer a variety of lectures from top universities in a structured format and are free for everyone (or at a very affordable price).

Skillshare and Udemy

Like Coursera and EdX, Skillshare and Udemy are educational platforms that offer low-cost classes and workshops. Unlike the first two platforms, anyone with the opportunity to participate can sign up to learn. This means that the curriculum is much more informal and accessible and is usually taught by someone with a lot of practical experience in the subject they offer. The quality could be more poignant and absent, but there are plenty of gems hidden on both platforms.


If time is an issue, podcasts are a great way to multitask while driving or not working. And there are many! Every marketing podcast probably also has content, but try content warfare for a specific podcast.

Disabled and white

The old help. If you haven’t read The Elements of Style recently, it’s worth rereading. Every time I read it, I want to hate it, but I can’t. It’s meticulous and overly prescriptive, and Strunk & White’s rigid approach to grammar doesn’t always translate well on the internet. But underneath is respect for timeless, transferable words and a clear writing approach that will help you deliver your best content.

Okay, listen to me. is a platform where people can spend $5 on various exclusive services. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to implement practical changes. Once you’ve chosen the styling elements and incorporated the core lessons, go to Fiverr and spend $5 on a web copy.

I’m not kidding about the platform as there are a lot of cool ways to use it, but I would say if you spend $5.00 to copy it, what you get won’t be very good. And that’s good because that’s exactly what we want. The best way to learn about good content is to read examples of bad content and think about why you weren’t forced to. So order one of the worst copies you can and go into town to fix it – remove the excess, clean up the grammar and add a beginning, middle, and end.

And finally, write! And have fun. With a little knowledge and practice, you will quickly become a professional person.

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