Salesforce reinvents its flagship conference as Dreamforce To You

Salesforce CEO Stephanie Buscemi reveals the thoughts behind this year’s event.

After all, in 2020 there will be a Dreamforce, but it will of course be virtual. But it won’t be reduced in a few days, and tickets won’t cost more than $ 1,500. This year, Dreamforce To You is a comprehensive program of innovative leadership, community participation, and entertainment, and it’s free for everyone.

The program.

The event kicks off on November 12 with a conference by CEO Marc Benioff and will run indefinitely until December.

We spoke exclusively with Salesforce CEO Stephanie Buscemi about the reason for the Dreamforce redesign and what to expect.

Should we create Dreamforce?

“At the start of the pandemic,” says Buscemi, “a lot of our customers were trying to stabilize their businesses and their employees, so they didn’t ask about Dreamforce, and we didn’t talk about it because I would have had one. was a little deaf. The early stages of the pandemic are mainly related to communication in the event of a crisis. “

Over the months, Buscemi has seen Salesforce customers change careers and companies. “These pioneers have helped us to keep abreast of what we are announcing here,” he said. “We have already started a conversation with them and the community about setting up Dreamforce and is it really possible?”

The challenge was important. ‘We play, but it’s true: it’s part of a technology conference, part of a rock concert, part of a gathering of world leaders, and part of a health club. There is so much packaged material that we are starting to separate it and we are wondering what the community needs now and what can be left out?

Relevance is key.

 The unambiguous message from stakeholders, Buscemi told us, is that the importance – discussions about the things we are dealing with right now – comes first. “People don’t like an offer.”

People are interested in how to deal with the crisis, how to support customer success – “It’s fast,” he said. “There are customers who have had three-year digital acceleration roadmaps and have done more than the three-year roadmap planned in the past three months. We are all amazed at what we can do when forced to do so.

The longest program. In his personal incarnation, Dreamforce was basically reduced to a handful of long days, with countless after-parties reverberating through San Francisco at night. “It is too much to ask people to sit for so long,” he said. “While we have heard very clearly from our customers that they want them to participate and appreciate the community’s commitment, we can all agree that Dreamforce was a four-day event in San Francisco to host a four-day event.” Gift. event. event. the virtual event will not work.

It was decided to extend the deadline and recognize that people are willing to participate in the virtual format for a shorter period of time. “Our main live speech lasted 90 minutes a year and often even longer,” said Buscemi. The good place for a virtual speech, he said, was about 18 minutes. “Then you start to lose people because you compete with everything around you.”

The goal is to determine the right time for a presentation, the right time for a panel discussion, and the right number of people for a discussion in a virtual forum. Discussions about the type of “bird with the same feathers” will take place between much smaller groups: “If you try with 20 people online, people will not be seen.”

This year’s content.

We asked Buscemi what visitors can expect. “Our CEO, Marc Benioff, contains our biggest problem and will talk about our way of starting this new normal. If we want to find a silver lining in the pandemic, it has been an excellent accelerator for digital transformation. It will show you what the treatments are. Leading companies have done this for the past six months, not just to survive the pandemic, but to be fair, to thrive.

The rest of the program has not yet been officially announced.


The inevitable loss of a personal Dreamforce this year will have a huge negative impact on the San Francisco hospitality industry. In a normal year, restaurants, bars, and hotels operate at full capacity during Dreamforce week. It is encouraging to see Salesforce donate $ 2 million to small businesses in San Francisco.

“This is our headquarters,” said Buscemi. The city of San Francisco aligns well with Salesforce, which has been offering Dreamforce for more than 15 years. On this day, we want to help small businesses. Salesforce will donate an additional $ 3 million to organizations that deal with hunger, health inequality, racial inequality, and climate change.

In 2019, about 170 thousand people attended, of which the largest monthly contributions were made. Was the decision to make a free throw difficult? “The world is in crisis. I remember Maya Angelou saying, ‘People remember at the end of the day how you made them feel. “We want our clients to see the other side of the vaccine when we get back to our office. How we made them feel ”.

Why do we care?

 The reach of Dreamforce, which basically occupies a large U.S. city each year – in normal times – makes it more than just a Salesforce event. Martech suppliers who are not Salesforce partners, on the other hand, continue to attract the attention of six figures almost simultaneously. The way Dreamforce was redesigned and how it looks today is explored by anyone interested in virtual events.

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