Salesforce updates its CDP

In addition to the Google Ads privacy changes

How do you know when it’s time to update a website?

Your website is no longer what it used to be. Conversions don’t happen. It’s been years since anyone last looked under the hood. These B2B marketing problems are common and are often not the fault of the marketer. Quick business decisions drive website design, sometimes not enough attention is paid to combining elements of a functional website as a whole. Lower UX hinders the online effort to find and sell directions. But things can be worked out.

We reached out to experienced user experience experts from digital marketing agencies to get their opinions on website optimization and useful information:

• Customer referral, or word of mouth, is a trivial source of traffic compared to surveys;

• The data tells what happened, but uses small focus groups to find out why; IS

• Reload speed is important, but it’s just the beginning

Businesses cannot expect their web pages to stay the same as the world around them changes. But expert advice varies according to how often a snack is served: from one to two years, every three to five years. One factor that can hinder restyling: the size of a company. Some companies can be very large and their web properties are too complex to easily change. These companies are at a competitive disadvantage because large-scale restructuring is scary. Instead, they tend to focus on improving their technology to communicate with users, focusing on market customization and automation.

Salesforce updates its CDP

The digital experiences that have become a lifeline for many businesses in 2020 will stay with us. It’s a bet by Salesforce announcing improvements to its CDP, which launched in October. It will now be known as Salesforce CDP and will have no more than 360 audiences.

Two changes concern high-level acquisitions. With Mulesoft, the integration platform that Salesforce acquired in 2018, CDP can capture data from any application or data source. Tableau, the analytics platform acquired in 2019, will provide insights into customer behavior and engagement.

Other enhancements include an improved creative creation segment, the ability to add lifetime value and engagement points to customer profiles, and the ability to integrate segments into participating AppExchange Partner applications.

Because we care. Do you always win the race slowly and steadily? Salesforce was the last of the largest CX packages to fully deploy a CDP, and development was accelerated. “We’re doing it the hard way,” Chris O’Hara, director of product marketing at Salesforce, told us last year. It can also be the right way.

Google Ads announces privacy changes for Analytics, Tag Manager, and improved conversions

Google’s Vice President of Advertising for Google Advertising announced three new versions of Google Marketing Live Stream:

• Google is expanding its advanced machine learning to report behavioral analytics in GA to fill the data gaps created by changes in privacy.

• To facilitate the integration of sites in Europe and the UK with the consent mode, Google will soon provide direct access to Tag Manager accounts to customize and change the behavior of the label in response to users’ consent preferences.

Improved conversions allow labels to use allowed and primary data and get a more accurate overview of how users interact with ads.

Where the elderly meet

With the opening of the world, brands like Extra are expecting a summer full of love. But how did people find love in the meantime? The axis of the digital pandemic appears to be dating behavior suggested by changes in the dating habits of seniors, according to a new study by life insurer Choice Mutual.

Dating apps and websites are the second most popular way for seniors to meet people. Surprisingly, 13% of people over 55 said this is the best way to find love, behind the best option offered by people they know (18%). Social media, as a separate option, hit 7%. Additionally, the survey found that roughly one-third of seniors who have dated in the past five years have tried a dating app, and 66% of those who use dating apps or websites are in a long-term relationship with someone they met.

Here are the best programs where seniors met with a relationship partner:

• Tinder (35%)

• Games (28%)

• Zipper (25%)

• Too much fish (25%)

• Bommel (24%)

• OK Cupid (22%)

• eHarmony (22%)

• Happn (19%)

• MeetMe (18%)

• Grindr (14%)

• Bagel served with coffee (14%)

• Competition (14%)

• Other uses (14%)

• They (13%)

• Clover (13%)

• Zoosk (13%)

Because we care.

Consumers are turning to technology to improve highly personal aspects of their life. Targeted channels, like meetings, have a very engaging audience. Older people use extensive social platforms and dating schedules as digital channels increase access for users across all demographics. Marketers, is there a digital audience you haven’t identified yet?

Quote of the day

“Diversity, equality, and inclusion are no longer ‘marginal’ issues. If your company wants to serve a wide range of customers and have the best possible team, it is a critical management skill to be able to work effectively with different types of people. Jennifer Kim, startup consultant and human resources specialist

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