SAP is crossing the CDP finish line

SAP’s CDP, available in November, will link front and back-office data.

When Salesforce launched earlier this month and announced the general availability of its CDP 360 audience, the announcement of the launch of SAP’s global CDP was discontinued a few days later. It adds SAP to its enterprise customers and announces last year’s CDP capabilities (a choice that also includes Adobe and Oracle).

CDP captures and resolves customer data from any source within the organization into customer profiles and provides the ability to segment and activate data in real-time to support immediate personalization.

Like Salesforce, SAP spent a lot of time developing this feature – it was announced at CX Live in Orlando, Florida in May 2019. We discussed the details with one of CDP’s leading architects, Adrian Nash, Head of SAP Customer Experience Strategy. and previously by Gigya, which acquired SAP at the end of 2017.

SAP CDP today.

We’ve been thinking about it for a few years,” he said, “but we’ve been working hard since last year.” CDP will be available at the end of November, but some customers have been using it since August and provide feedback on early adoption.

At the heart of CDP is the technology developed with Gigya, historically an excellent B2C scale identity solution. “Gigya empowers and connects people with digital brands with brands,” Nash said, “and the idea was to expand the scope and think about other sets of data organizations in 2017. It could expand to become more holistic. Data is the secondary data of data … and data of third parties, but it is the primary data and privacy from day one.

“We built it organically, rather than looking at the market, because we wanted a platform that could understand the different engagement systems in CX and connect to back-office data in SAP, or if it was an upgrade to an S4 request. ” system, opening service on a card in a CRM or Qualtrics experience data, as well as data that can be used for marketing. “S4 / HANA is the most widely used SAP ERP; Qualtrics was a CX management service provider acquired by SAP last year.

Identity per billion.

Most of the larger CX suites have built original CDPs (Acquia is an exception to the AgilOne acquisition) and this appears to be a major technical challenge. “You have to be able to handle the mass scale at the right time,” Nash replies. ‘CDPs have only really become possible in recent years. Perhaps four years ago they were seen as a way for a marketer to get around the IT backlog. This was great for the SMB market, but there is a complex amount of data in the corporate space. I spoke to a customer who has 250 million known identities and four billion identities. It can only be solved with technology defined on this type of scale. So it was a challenge, but also because it made sense to get out of Gigya’s past.

SAP Customer Data Cloud (Gigya) now processes three billion identities, as well as seven and a half billion consumer transactions, Nash said.

Data source.

Third-party data logging is a hallmark of GA’s November launch, Nash confirmed. It’s about turning the data into a unified customer profile: “We also have real-time segmentation and audience management, audience activation and travel activation. And you can use the data for delivery to a CRM or office. It can’t be marketed in a CDP does not base on the reason data quality is not operationally reliable. In the long run, we are considering expanding the link ecosystem and developing analytical skills, but the initial launch is about better data management, activation, and privacy.

Some links are readily available based on the stated needs of customers who have tried CDP. But SAP is also offering a new studio, Nash explains, where customers can not only create their own connections but also share them with other customers.

Why do we care?

With SAP’s merger of Adobe, Oracle, and Salesforce with a native CDP at the core of its operations, any CX suite with business ambitions certainly offers similar features. Given the challenges and timing of these developments, some independent CDPs may be ripe for acquisition.

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