Selecting the right digital platform for a virtual event

The decision-making behind madconNYC.

The growth scenario of virtual events is one of the few sectors in a pandemic phase, with dozens of platforms in space offering different services and technologies.

So, how do you make a decision if you are already considered an industry leader and your reputation is based on creating virtual opportunities that compete with your traditional personal programs?

This is the current challenge for Reed Exhibitions, an international host and supplier, with more than 500 opportunities in 30 countries in 43 industry sectors. In August, Reed Exhibitions launches digital assets across all platforms to determine what best suits the long-term brand.

These platforms include ExpoPlatform, Jublia, On24, Patron, and Sector.

The performance and audience satisfaction with the platforms will determine which Reed Exhibitions presenter will host the madconNYC event in early December. madconNYC is a conference for all marketing levels.

“In the coming weeks, our sister events will begin their digital presence,” said Katie Genovese, director of marketing, Reed Exhibitions. ‘We have a very short list of suppliers who can cater to all our needs. Instead, in December we will have time to ensure that we choose the perfect platform to offer our participants a fascinating and intuitive virtual experience. ‘

What is the perfect platform for Reed Exhibitions?

For Reed Exhibitions, the perfect platform to host virtual events is:

• The ability to present simultaneous learning sessions of 30 to 45 minutes;

• Recreation areas for individual question sessions with experts;

• Customization through recommendations, educational presentations, and networking opportunities; IT IS

• Service to the concierge network during the event and up to one week after the event.

“Every vendor we consider has an integrated registration or interface to ensure participants take minimal steps on a platform to register and participate,” Genovese said.

Genovese and his colleagues will analyze the virtual events of Reed Exhibitions, such as the JCK Jewelers Showcase, Crunchy Roll Anime Festival, and New York Comic-Con, to identify the best practices and resources they want to use in the long run.


With 38 fully equipped offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific, and Africa, sponsoring a Reed event can mean different things in different cultures.

However, the perfect platform provider for Reed Exhibitions also has an integrated sponsorship feature from San Diego to Singapore to Sydney and everything in between.

We encourage providers to share their goals with us so we can develop tailor-made sponsorship opportunities,

Reed Exhibitions is specifically looking for a platform for virtual events that can support predefined sponsorship opportunities, including:

• educational sessions;

• Sign in;

• Email;

• Social media; IS

• Internet sponsorship / segmentation.

 Let’s take a closer look at our hosting platform because it’s essential to us that our virtual events contain the same elements that make our live events so unique compared to other conferences. However, we still want to entertain, enlighten and inspire in the digital format. “

Tips for Virtual NBA Meetings

Reed Exhibitions recently hosted a panel discussion on positive, negative, and negative virtual experiences with Joey Graziano, vice president of events for the National Basketball Association.

Graziano recognizes the rush of companies and brands to replace live events with a digital version of the event.

Graziano’s Advice for the Best Virtual Opportunity:

• Avoid daily lessons and long or strange technological experiences;

• Consider what virtual experiences you can offer that add more value than other ongoing activities or meetings;

• Avoid everyday experiences, such as empty virtual meeting rooms.

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