Should marketers worry about a single source of truth?

Data Analysis Meeting

Can solutions like data lake or CDP offer more value than incomplete data sources like email engines?

Of course, there are still traditional companies that have no connection to the digital world and no data collection strategy. But for most brands, customer data is stacked across virtual boundaries. But if these ceilings belong to different silos and there are no easy ways to tidy up, verify and use the data, you will not go that far.

It is generally accepted that a single customer view, across all relevant channels, is a prerequisite for effective marketing. The first step towards a single source of truth about your customers is a centralized repository for that data. This was not easy to achieve, not even in the context of leading CX suites such as Adobe, Oracle, and Salesforce, where the development of the offering through acquisitions led to the challenge of customer identity through a variety of specialized clouds to work together. . work.

This has fueled a rush to create internal (but not always so-called) CDPs as a way to maintain customer profiles across platforms. CDPs have been a prominent category for at least two years. The fact is that the definition is broad enough to classify multiple databases as CDPs.

According to the CDP Institute, “(a) Customer Data Platform is a software package that creates a uniform and persistent customer database that is accessible to other systems.” It is a definition of three elements (pre-made software, a client version, and the usability of the view) and so-called different CDPs often give weight to different elements, especially between archiving and file management. and campaign execution based on the data.

But is a CDP really necessary for a mature brand that already has databases? Why not combine it into ‘data warehouse or ‘data lake’? In general, data warehouses are files with a centrally defined structure; Data chambers contain data, but anyone can dive in and use it as needed.

We responded from Pat Maigler when we expanded the data lake and CDP with him in a recent episode of MarTech Live. Mailer is a senior manager, marketing, and strategy manager at Williams-Sonoma Inc. and continued to do what he calls ventilation.

“To me, marketers do not give marketers what they need. It provides unstructured data, so you have to be a data engineer … to translate it right away. Marketers often have their own terminals, so I do not know.” CDPs “will “Definitely not replacing email mechanisms. If you used someone like LiveRamp as your provider and distributed it on Google, Facebook [etc.]. How do you really need it?”

As Mailer says, marketers need all customer data in one place, but when analyzed and activated, it takes time, so the only source of truth adds no value. It is best to start with terminals as a marketing or email mechanism. “What’s wrong with your existing email engine hosting a CDP?”

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