Smart Internal Podcasts: Need of it in 2021

Smart Internal Podcasts: A Combination of Technology and Strategic Services

What is the value to your management team if you can make it easier and faster to get your message across to all employees who need to hear it? More so, if you do what they would hear?

The announcement of internal podcast packages: a combination of internal communication technology and strategic services.

Smarp, the leading employee advocacy, and communications platform have been at the forefront of internal communications technology for over a decade. Help companies reach and engage all employees, from the company to the frontline, with the targeted content and information they need. their job. best work.

Our technology enables the workforce of more than 300 companies around the world to reach their workforce from anywhere, be it by phone, over the counter, by email, on Sharepoint (or any other intranet), via Slack, Teams, Workplace on Facebook, or one of your existing digital channels.

What we have learned is that employee engagement development should continue to evolve in 2021. Just like in our personal lives. In that sense, nothing has become more popular than podcasts in recent years. People love it. They do it all.

What is the difference between a podcast and an internal podcast?

A podcast is something that you record publicly and share with anyone who wants to find and listen to it. Publish to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, etc.

An internal (corporate) podcast is only for company employees. It’s not new to have an internal podcast. Some professionals in forward-looking communication have already experienced this.

What’s different about Smart’s internal podcasts?

The combination of the Smarp platform, in-house podcasts, and our expert strategic service consultants creates a unique set of benefits for our customers:

1. Solve podcast problem: Know who’s listening

Ask anyone who runs a podcast, and they’ll tell you that the biggest challenge is not knowing who’s actually listening.

Combining the Smarp platform with internal podcasts, you can see exactly who is listening, which teams and locations are most engaged, and which topics resonate in each of the segments. With Workforce Insights from Smarp, the advanced analytics platform with artificial intelligence, you understand exactly what you need to do to make the best impact on your business through your internal podcasts.

2. Available to employees in all channels they use – easy to consume

After you’ve published your internal podcast on Smarp, it’s automatically delivered to all contributors (or a fixed segment) across different channels. Employees can then listen to it over the phone, at their desk, by email, or even on the existing intranet. If you’re using Slack, Teams, or Workplace on Facebook, it can be delivered there automatically as well.

This way, employees don’t have to search your internal podcast or find out where it is posted. Every new episode finds your employees on their favorite channels and devices. Magic!

3. Contacting what managers are already doing (answering questions about the company)

Very good. Managers spend a lot of time answering questions about the company they are used to. With an internal podcast interview format, your executive team can easily get the business message across to your team in the way they know best. It is faster than writing communication and less demanding than recording a video.

4. Over 40 years of combined experience in internal communications

It’s not just about technology, it’s also about strategy. Our strategic service consultants will work with you to understand what the company is trying to achieve, your values   , and your company’s culture, and from there build not only an editorial calendar for your internal podcast but interviews with you. team.

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