Split Test Your Way to More Leads and Sales in 2021

How to Split Test Your Way to More Leads and Sales

You’ve heard it before and you will hear it again

You can’t optimize what you don’t try.

This is what we do at DigitalMarketer: our test.

Our split tests are about clean data and avoid guesswork

And yours too.

Today we collect all our best practices to set up and optimize your split tests and share the results of our tests.

How to set up your first site development test

You can’t start a split test until you know how to set it up. In this quick guide, Justin Rondeau, Head of Digital Market Exchange Rate Optimization, is here to guide you in the right direction if you are a new and experienced vet. how to set up tests correctly.

And with the simple and affordable testing tools available today (Optimal, Visual Website Optimizer, etc.), there’s really no excuse for delays.

Share the myths about tests ruining your tests

If you’ve just done the split test, or have been in the game for a while, you’ll hear a few … things. What we do in this post is take a critical look at split testing and defend the biggest myths surrounding this extremely useful practice.

In this post, you will learn.

• The difference between split testing and exchange rate optimization (CRO)

• When is an “innovative” approach used instead of the “iterative” test model?

• The numbers needed to declare a winner in a split test

• Which website should NOT be tested and what can they do to improve the conversion rate?

Try it, no!

Keep this in mind: a win on a website can be a loss for you.

Marketers don’t know what to test on their website but don’t worry, Justin is back to save the day. In this post, Justin shows you which web pages and elements are worth testing.

He specifically provides 3 high-impact pages and 3 impact elements for you to test on your website. If you don’t know the breakdown of tests or are struggling to get results that mean something to your business, you need this post.

43 split tests that (almost) always increase conversion

Do you need ideas for your test? We protect you.

We spend a lot of time and money on background colors, fonts, etc. We learn almost every time we win our tests. This app will save you a lot of time and money (and will give you lots of ideas if you’re just starting out!). But don’t forget the wonderful lesson from our last post: Winning on a website can be a waste for you.

Share test ideas from 4 of the world’s best conversion experts

Where can you find better split test ideas than four of the leading CRO experts on conversion rates?

In November, we selected a CRO panel to tell us what they would test on a Rosetta Stone landing page.

Here is our panel of experts.

Chris Goward – Founder of Wider Funnel, author of You Should Test That! and speaker at the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2015.

Tim Ash – Copywriter for Landing Page Optimization, CEO of Site Tuners, and Founder of Success Conference.

Justin Rondeau – Data-driven marketing coach and CRO. It analyzed over 2,500 tests in virtually every industry.

Brian Massey – author of The Customer Creation Equation and founder of Conversion Sciences.

In total, you’ll see 32 different test ideas and learn what these conversion masters will test so you can apply them to your landing pages.

[Sections of Test Results] Supreme Court President Change Increases Engagement 15.2%

As you can see above, we increased the click rate by 15.2% and shared it with you. We got the pressure for a Critical Call to Action (CTA) and it was a big win. The best part? It is very easy to implement or test on your website.

When we looked at the test results, we found MUCH more valuable – a fantastic example of the kind of money you find on the table when you take a test.

[Divisions Test Results] Increase sales from a deep funnel supply chain, digital marketing lab?

Justin Rondeau discovers the results of this test using the heatmap feature in the Visual Website Optimizer. When he looks at the heat map on the homepage, he sees that we have LOTS of prints on an image that is not a link – the dog is not hunting.

Chances are you’re having the same problem with your website and maybe your ads too… giving you a big boost in sales. All we had to change was a link (crazy, or how?) and it could be the same easy fix for you. But look at Justin’s results and see where you can optimize.

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