SugarCRM acquires high-profile start-up Node

The CX platform adds new forecasting capabilities.

The AI-as-a-Service-Node platform has struggled to gain attention since it was founded by Falon Fatemi in 2014. are growing technology entrepreneurs.

Ideal for Mark Cuban. Node also received significant recognition and funding from Mark Cuban, who said, “Node’s greatest asset is that it has proven it can increase sales immediately after installation and implementation.”

Now Node has attracted a buyer, SugarCRM, the marketing services marketing platform that uses ‘time-consuming’ customer data to support CX. I keep looking for other options.

The value of Node. Node has the ability to apply deeper learning models to both CRM data and large amounts of data obtained from external sources. It has advantages over models based solely on CRM data, which may be inaccurate or incomplete. Node estimates that algorithms identify signals 80% more accurately than rules-based approaches.

Analyst Paul Greenberg, president of Group 56, said in a press release, “Sugar was a wonderful internal platform. The addition of Node can impressively predict Sugar’s platform and products. He also told MarTech Today, “It was a valuable resource for SugarCRM – especially for them – as it filled the void they needed to fill.” The value is in Node’s ability to go beyond customer data. Do your ‘predictive’ thing, ”he explains.

The “predictive” thing includes:

• Identify customers with the greatest booking options;

• Predict the probability of conversion;

• Recommend additional products to increase average sales volume; TO BE

• Improve engagement models through predictive business routing

Why do we care? 

It’s new that Node no longer follows an independent path. This is another example of how gaps in a CX package can be filled with the right acquisition.

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