Sustainability is important to consumers

In addition, news about the acquisition of Sitecore, news about the close collaboration

Consider, for example, events. As and when personal opportunities arise, opportunity marketers will have access to a variety of virtual event tools that have improved over the past year.

Personal or virtual will be a new choice that planners and participants will have based on their specific needs and goals. There will be a mix. Here’s what we got from Kim Davis of Denzil Rankine, founder, and CEO of AMR International and co-author of Reinventing Live, a new book by Anthem Press.

Next, take a look at an adtech player, AcuityAds, which offers advertisers a new set of contextual information tools through a partnership with GumGum. In this case, it’s another kind of challenge, namely the exclusion of third-party cookies, which causes marketers to expand their directory.

I wonder how many other important solutions in the industry are the result of a pivot.

Less personal opportunities, more hybrid options

Reinventing Live, the new book by Denzil Rankine and Marco Giberti of Anthem Press, is a comprehensive analysis of the past, present, and future of events. But that’s what future marketers are looking for now, both as event planners and as participants. Most marketers expect exciting opportunities in the coming year. But does that mean we have to say goodbye to virtual environments that have been accelerated until 2020 and that brands are willing to pay the cost of participating in live events, including the carbon footprint of business travel?

We discussed these issues in a conversation with one of the book’s authors, Denzil Rankine, founder and CEO of AMR International, a strategic consulting firm for events. “We have a mix,” he said. ‘We will see that some versions of online events work very well; influence business, make money, and so on. And some models, like individual meetings, work that way. Some personal opportunities will certainly return, but they will be smaller and the frequency is likely to decrease.

Hybrid events can mean anything, from a global live broadcast of a personal event to a personal event using certain digital assets or linked applications. How does Rankine view the hybrid? “I think we’m just saying it’s more of a digital expansion,” he said.

A full live stream of a personal event seems discouraging and also organizes two events at the same time. “I think this is the future.” It’s time to think about old school events, he said. “Wake up one day, get out on the other side of the bed, take a blank piece of paper and say, ‘How are we going to do it differently?’ ‘

Consumers have high expectations for sustainability

In celebration of this year’s Earth Day, we launched a study showing that brands are missing out on the opportunity not to pass on their environmental initiatives to customers. The issue is reinforced by new research by the digital and creative agency Compose [d] and by the producer and producer of sustainable products MaCher.

Based on a survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers in all age groups for adults, an impressive 94% say a more sustainable lifestyle is desirable. A clear majority (more than 60%) are looking for products with a low environmental impact and/or products made with recycled materials.

The actual impact of these opinions on purchasing decisions is more limited than you would expect, but for the simple reason, that one in three consumers finds it difficult to find sustainable products in different varieties.

Why do we care?

 Yes, we care about the environment, but we also care that some brands do not realize that (1) environmental responsibility is the right thing to do, and (2) it is for everyone to benefit from the help of their customers to have. . let me know who you are, I mean. Addiction.

AcuityAds provides contextual targeting for advertisers with a GumGum partnership

Adtech’s multichannel platform AcuityAds announces a new partnership with GumGum, a specialist in contextual intelligence. The agreement provides contextual information for the lighting product AcuityAds.

AcuityAds uses automation techniques to provide real-time planning, acquisition, and intelligence in omnichannel campaigns. GumGum’s Verity solution adds contextual intelligence to AcuityAds DSP, as well as sentiment analysis and brand security features.

Contextual information has received more attention lately as marketers try to secure their digital campaigns in the future by removing the third-party cookie.

According to Ken Weiner, GumGum’s chief technology officer, early test results suggest that the GumGum solution can also identify ‘safe’ inventory ad placements that are typically marked as ‘unsafe’ and blocked.

Why do we care?

Primary data is valuable, but it doesn’t tell the whole story, so advertisers and their adtech solutions are driven to search for other sources of intelligence. In this way, they can discover opportunities to be more relevant to consumers and increase ROI. The buyer’s feeling is mainly about context. Where are they and what do they do when they are close to shopping centers?

Sitecore acquires MA and the campaign platform

CX Sitecore Management Platform has announced that it has acquired the UK’s Moosend Automation and Campaign Management platform. Among the bubbling, patrons are Domino’s Pizza and Sephora.

It follows the acquisition of CDP Boxever and the B2B e-commerce platform Four51 and represents an additional investment of more than $ 1.2 billion raised during a financing round in January.

Why do we care?

 What used to be the e-commerce and CMS space is now the customer experience and the digital experience as leading providers such as Sitecore are rapidly expanding their offerings through strategic acquisitions. As B2B brands will use the first digital market in almost all vertical brands and also B2C brands, these providers see and sell great opportunities.

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