The 2020 holiday season is here: Get your digital house in order

Retailers who win delivery wars win holidays.

This is the 2020 shopping season and unlike previous seasons, retailers everywhere have to drive carefully. Let’s take a closer look.

The buyer goes digital

According to a Google Ipsos survey, 74% of US consumers will shop online more than ever during the holiday season. In response to this, traders must:

• Make sure it can be found online, including websites, Google My Business (GMB), and social offers, especially GMB offers, which today look more like a digital shopping portal. This means that GMB offers are up to date with accurate location data including times (especially during holidays).

Enable GMB features such as Post to promote holiday deals, virtual (or offline) offers, and events

• Make sure GMB’s click-to-website features are error-free. How easily will they find your site after people visit your GMB list? Does the vacation notice information on your website match the GMB notice?

However, buyers still go to stores

According to Google, people plan to buy this season, but under certain conditions. More than half say they go to stores that offer contactless shopping, and 47% use online, in-store, or collectible shopping. Buyers who search online are looking for retailers who can easily find and use the services.

According to a new survey from CodeBroker, most shoppers who don’t go to brick-and-mortar stores will change their mind when they receive a valuable mobile/digital coupon for a product they’re interested in. Therefore, even during the pandemic, the store may close.

Resellers must:

• Check that the GMB rotation functions are working properly. When my company studied GMB trading during the pandemic, we saw that GMB click instructions increased among our customers as states relaxed closing restrictions and undermined GMB’s bidding power. to undermine traffic. Stores. But repentance must be perfect.

• Make sure that the entire in-store training process is well communicated, especially as there will be many buyers who will use these services. Best Buy regularly posts questions and instructions for removing the home on its website. All sellers should do the same on their GMBs using features such as Google’s FAQs

• Use online offers. People are open to the specific activities of the place. Here, features like Google Post and Google Maps can be key to deals that customers will find interesting the moment they visit your store.

The buyer needs some love

People will shop with a different mindset. When they leave home to go to a store, they are well aware that they can endanger their health and safety. They will be more careful before coming to visit us. For example, Google says that 67% of online tourists confirm that an item is available before it is purchased.

For most customers, there are no important meetings with family and friends during vacations, perhaps for the first time in their life. It becomes an emotionally difficult time when they buy something for loved ones who cannot be in the same place with them.

Retailers must exaggerate to respond to online shopping. This means:

Prepare for wider searches on your Facebook post, Google My Business channels, and website. The buyer often asks about the order status. Are you well prepared to respond?

• Pay attention to the sound you are using. People need more than one visit. They also need comfort and security. Avoid language that empowers you in your vacation home, or use images that represent large gatherings of family and friends. Focus on the customer and his needs and priorities.

Buyer sends

Since buyers buy gifts for people while socializing, they are more likely to send gifts from all over the world. It’s no surprise that FedEx employs 70,000 people to meet the vacation demand. Obviously, the merchants who win the delivery wars are winning the holidays. How visible are your delivery options everywhere people find you online, starting with your website and GMB listings? How well you answer the question can make or break the 2020 holiday season

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