The business imperative behind inclusion and diversity

How to manage, enrich and diversify your talent portfolio

Improving cultural and social well-being within a company as an agency is an ethical necessity. Currently, employers must also pay attention to mental well-being. “The agencies feel a lot of pressure,” he said. Tucker said. “Their sentiment has shrunk margins due to increased internal movements, increased competition from more demanding consultants and clients. Last year, but also in the last three years.”

Of course, some employees are most affected by burnout, workplace harassment, discrimination, and blocked opportunities. Looking at the sector as a whole, it is no wonder that people of color, women, and other disadvantaged groups are affected. This is great if you are the director of diversity, etc. Yes, but if you are not really focusing on the transformative change that will have an impact, then you are really focusing on many things.

Manage your talent portfolio

But there is also a big problem behind inclusion and diversity. “We really structured the talent interview,” said Dr. Rucker. must understand how to learn in the person’s development. There must be a very specific job description of what the person will do on the first day, and then you must state what you will do the next morning.

And, of course, there is a glass ceiling. ‘I am still approached by people at the VP or SVP level, especially black women – and I will say this emphatically – black women at the VP and SVP level have not received the sponsorship they deserve and have no chance of receiving what they have not received. they deserved it. .. And when I follow, I get the same answer: you know, it’s really cool. She is a very useful player. We just don’t know what to do with it. I don’t even understand what he’s doing now to admit it.

One thing they reveal, Tucker said, is that they don’t understand how to handle talent. “You don’t have an agency without talent,” he said. If you don’t put talent at the center of your business, you’re missing out on the most important aspect of the marketing communications industry. Robots cannot do this; programmatic advertising cannot do what these people do. You need talent, human talent – creative innovation comes from human energy and you need to manage that talent.

Investing in learning and development is essential to recruiting the best talent, to winning the war for talent, says Dr. Tucker. “We are seeing a huge increase in marketing spending and leaders will suffer if they do not manage their talent portfolios with the same passion as their investment portfolios.”

At smaller agencies, the CEO must manage the talent portfolio. “I’m doing this with my company,” says Tucker. “I have an incredibly inclusive team. Some are hired, others are employees, but I treat them as part of my team and I know that they know more about my environment than I do. I hope you will consult me and feel part of the mission.

Reduce bias in the recruitment process

In terms of minimizing prejudice in the recruitment process, Tucker focuses on operational aspects rather than individual aspects: “Focused on organizational behavior, less on individual conscience and conscience. How are we going to change the system to limit prejudice? Homogeneity.”

Tucker wants to develop an inclusive talent management process with its clients, including hiring. “We’re revolutionizing the way our customers attract talent, our work, and our revolution in the way our customers attract talent.”

He calls for radical changes in the interview process. ‘I’m so shocked that we’re looking at talent in an individual monastic way. It is not only full of prejudices but also very inefficient. The person really succumbs to the tyranny of the urgent, that is, when prejudice, familiarity, and comfort come into play. No matter how progressive they are, many of these leaders still rely on the people they have worked with, especially whites and men with whom they feel comfortable. I think we need to be much more proactive when it comes to workforce planning; we need to be much more proactive in changing talent acquisition and retention so that the process is more efficient.

Suggest group discussions based on selected questions. These are things that have proven to be more effective at hiring people, but it not only reduces the time and energy people use in the recruitment process. It also reduces the risk of injuries. Cultural homogeneity and industry cannot allow this because it undermines creativity.

The importance of enriching the talent portfolio

“Industry data is never really reliable,” says Tucker, “but let’s say that the most recent data I’ve seen is that the marketing industry is about 70% white. It’s not representative of the market. Talents and enriching the business. it’s a potential opening. Since you need to focus on creating cultural content that is memorable, meaningful, and relevant to an increasingly multicultural and global audience, ethnicity, or gender, it does not matter; the cultivation of ‘ a rich talent portfolio is an important market.

If your content is not memorable, meaningful, and unusual, Tucker said, ‘If you do not do these three things right, you will not mind. And you know what? Your competitors will have lunch.

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