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Free and Free Trials: Are You Reaching Your Goal?

There are several obstacles you can overcome internally that may or may not make free trials a success when companies upgrade their martech stack. In turbulent times like these, however, organizations want to further develop and transform their digital assets. 

When are free trials useful for experiments?

For example, a B2B company sees growth potential in e-commerce sales and adding customers to the consumer. In other cases, marketers want to increase their reach or improve measurements on existing channels.

Some companies have limited options to try new solutions due to limitations in their industry. For example, in the financial industry, the security needed to protect customers’ accounts makes many free trials impractical.

Due to the change management factor, the solution for existing solutions cannot replace the ideal use case with a free trial period. Replacement is, of course, an important part of running a martech stack, but free trials are easier to implement as you explore new tools.

Pinterest announces the Creator Fund and the new code of conduct

Pinterest, the visual discovery platform, is grabbing attention by attracting users and brands. To ensure that the growing number of companies are diverse and inclusive, the company has announced a creator code that makes it a ‘safe and positive’ standard for all creators. Pinterest also launched its first Creator Fund, a program that provides financial and educational support to creators in underrepresented communities.

The base code of the manufacturer is:

  • Stay calm: make sure that the content does not offend or harm others;
  • Check my facts: make sure the information is accurate and authentic;
  • Response activation: discreetly manages visually sensitive content;
  • Practical inclusion: never intentionally exclude certain groups or communities;
  • No harm: make sure any call to action or challenge is safe.

In addition, notes and utilities have been announced for users to quote fixers. Comment moderation tools allow creators to delete comments and filter offensive keywords. There are also new spam prevention guidelines for machine learning that allow Pinterest to detect and remove malicious comments.

According to Pinterest, the Creator Fund is currently only available in the United States. In the first phase, he works together with various producers from the worlds of fashion, photography, gastronomy, and travel. These producers received training and advice on creative strategies. They also received money to create content and advertising credits.

Because we care. 

While these new initiatives are the result of the values of Pinterest and its creators, the drive for greater inclusion is still at the forefront of the marketing community. (See our detailed interview with Lauren Tucker on diversity and inclusion.)

Qualified’s a new virtual sales platform

Qualified, the provider’s technology provider, announced the launch of a new platform, Qualified X, to support the virtual sales process and help merchants attract visitors. The platform is integrated with Salesforce. Some of the options are:

  • Qualified live streaming: a central view of VIP participants (including target accounts defined by Salesforce and open events, including real-time navigation data and CRM, ABM, and subscriber data)
  • Qualified X segments: automatic attribution of visitors to predefined segments;
  • Qualified Pounce X: salespeople can use the platform to proactively communicate with visitors;

Because we care. The digital transformation is not just for marketing. Since the B2B buyer’s journey is almost entirely online, sales teams also need a digital mindset. And once you start, a fully digital funnel can only generate more revenue through conversions, marketing, and sales.

Search Engine Awards 2021 open

Once a year, Search Engine Land highlights the most innovative professionals and campaigns in the industry with the greatest tribute to research: the Search Engine Land Awards.

This year’s awards are open for admission and entry is easier than ever. Statistics and campaign statistics are no longer needed and you can easily send a summary (750 words or less) showing your team’s winning performance over the past year.

In 2020, Search Engine Land launched the first Search Engine Land award to promote diversity and inclusion in search marketing, this time adding three new categories: Boutique Agency of the Year (for SEM and SEO agencies) and Freelancer of the Year.

Quote of the day

[Martech instruments create more handles] because the perception is still that buying an instrument is a solution in itself, instead of investing in the appropriate human resources to integrate it, create processes, manage the creation, direct marketing, etc. Sara McNamara, marketing, leisure

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