The year of SMS

In addition, Taboola has partnered with Oracle Moat to add video performance statistics to its platform

Broader thinking is often overlooked, but it needs to be considered in the testing phase, says Steve Petersen, a marketing technologist for Western governors. Marketing and sales teams, for example, need to communicate more closely, because the data that the customer team needs may not be the same as the data that marketers need to make their campaigns effective.

The scheme is also useful for determining an effective SMS marketing strategy. A new study indicates that this particular channel is gaining more and more support in the sector. As you will see below, from acquiring subscribers to choosing different messages to distribute, there are many moving parts that make texting an attractive channel for customers to use in almost any organization.

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In his latest article, marketer Steve Petersen explores how optimizing UI / UX elements can have several negative consequences and provides practical advice on how to protect yourself from such results. Continuous examples of lead generation show how removing fields to encourage mold formation can lead to more qualified marketing opportunities, but lower quality opportunities due to a lack of contextual information.

In addition, information that is no longer collected at the beginning of the Client’s Customer Form must be tracked later and steps must be taken to make this possible. “For example, if you sell insurance, the final cost of a policy requires that you know a lot of detailed and confidential information about the insured,” says Petersen. Does it make sense to ask for a lot of this information on an initial form or to collect general information and give a rough estimate of the seller, along with the influence of various factors on cost? and the disadvantages of both approaches, “and each can be pursued, depending on whether more or more qualified leads are needed in total.”

It is also possible that information not collected at the beginning of the trip may be collected after the sale and that other departments and orchestrations from different departments may be involved. The key to dealing with these situations is to understand the data flow. Where is the data collected, where does it flow, and who manages and analyzes it? It is a way to reduce the time and effort wasted on UI / UX tests that will not work in the end.

Taboola collaborates with Oracle Moat Measurement

Taboola, its own content and advertising discovery platform, today announced a partnership with Oracle Moat Measurement, which provides metrics for all aspects of video performance, including impressions, views, and completion rates.

Oracle Moat Analytics is integrated with Taboola Ads and will provide brands and agencies with video performance reports on the media buying platform. It is the first third-party benchmark provider directly integrated into Taboola.

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 As campaigns increasingly develop around video content, clear criteria are essential. Oracle’s offering measures engagement across all channels and devices and enables performance-based campaign optimization. For advertisers using Taboola, there should be benefits to integrating video statistics on the platform.

How marketers are implementing text programs this year

According to SMS Marketing Benchmarks Report 2021, a study of the incredible text marketing solution, SMS works better for most marketers than other channels. They surveyed about 400 retail and e-commerce marketers. Two-thirds of the marketers surveyed also plan to improve their digital marketing strategy by adding SMS this year.

But what are the main ways to do it? First, you need to increase the number of subscribers. So you need to choose the right deals.

According to the research, this is the most important way marketers attract SMS subscribers.

1. Access to the material on mobile sites;

2. Notices of registration at the counters;

3. Registration forms on the landing page of the website;

4. Promotion/registration forms on social networks;

5. Email banners/registration forms by email;

6. Text-to-Join campaigns; IS

7. Salary registration forms.

What kind of text do they send to subscribers? The main types are:

1. Special offers;

2. Announcements of new products;

Exclusive subscriber offers (early access, mobile coupons only, etc.);

4. Top-selling products;

5. Content related to the mission and/or values   of the trademark;

6. Educational content on topics related to the brand/industry;

7. Social causes and/or philanthropic initiatives; IS

8. Backstage content related to the activities of the business and/or employees.

What technologies do marketers use to market their SMS platform? Here are five of them:

1. E-commerce platform;

2. Email service provider;

3. Customer service;

4. Data analysis; IS

5. Manage customer relationships.

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It seems like texting can mean a lot to marketers and customers this year. Get to know your customers better. A combination of the above options will likely cater to your needs.

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