Tips on building your virtual event

Platform, performance, and testing are critical to the virtual world.

The term “virtual event” may be the most surprising term in marketing in 2020. But if you’re planning a happy hour at a corporate event, concert, or karaoke, the technology and logistics behind the virtual event are essential to your success. . It does not reward a comfortable approach.

“Now that we have been in our new virtual world for almost five months, I realize that both companies and people are becoming more relaxed with their characters and brands, and I am absolutely against the trend,” said, CEO of NetworkingPhoenix. . founder. .com, which hosts a weekly networking event on Fridays and has added more than 42,000 community profiles since its inception in 2008.

The experience of virtual events ranges from the so-called Zoom that everyone loved (or hated), to more sophisticated platforms adapted for live events with large audiences, with repeat rights and conference performances to deliver data to the audience.

Still in a world of zoom alone? Don’t worry, we also have suggestions for improving one of the simpler (but popular) virtual event platforms.

Make room for zoom

If you were to ask a lot of Americans what Zoom was for February, the answer might be that it hit Lionel Richie’s Commodores in 1977, rather than putting the company’s video communications platform in the spotlight of competitors like Webex and GoToMeeting.

For companies keeping it only for FY21, now set up your full (or most) schedule you had planned for 2020-2021, with dates and times, to avoid conflicting schedules, as many employees have a balance between telecommuting, homeschooling, and parenting. and maybe even a second or third job.

The business opportunities and marketing activities created for Zoom include:

• income calls;

• Example;

• Announcements of new products;

• Activation of the brand in real-time with Zoom participants; to

• Evaluation test (with the pre-purchased or pre-published product).

Regardless, the use of Zoom Outbreak Rooms is mandatory for the International Women’s Association (IAW) to promote community and dialogue. The content of the group room is prepared in advance, as well as the links, documents, and presentations to be treated, preferably by an event team and not by the presenter.

“With less personal interaction, it is difficult to make the necessary connections,” said Megan Bozzuto, vice president of marketing and membership experience. “You need to be immediately aware of what is happening in the chat rooms and use it to create valuable dialogue for your audience.”

Virtual events with a 360 ° view

Live concerts and sporting events require a better platform than Zoom, and one of the innovative options is the 360VUZ app. The virtual mobile video app brings users to events and experiences around the world and was named the App of the Year 2019 by Entrepreneur magazine.

360VUZ has 5 million users worldwide, and the ability of the app to sell directly to users is a major proposition. 360VUZ offers its own software platform that allows participants to view different 360-degree events in an event from different cameras and angles, seen in the 360VUZ app or via a headset that is now compatible with most mobile devices.

Users can easily watch 360VUZ videos or virtual events by downloading the 360VUZ app for free from the App Store or Google Play and viewing exclusive captivating events and experiences, such as behind-the-scenes action with their favorite from the National Basketball Players Association.

360VUZ hosts more than 20 million times a month and hosts major virtual events such as the Oscars, Emmy Awards, and the L.A. Fashion Week.

“Our platform was the subscriber model, combined with video innovation and chat functionality that really adds to the experience,” said, founder and CEO of 360VUZ. “Everything on our platform is based on a sponsored opportunity combined with a virtual experience that instantly becomes a global marketing campaign.”

360VUZ also offers:

• Live “360” virtual reality events;

• Broadcast channels;

• Live 360   social sharing; To be

• Gyroscopic support services.

“We have recorded more than 4,000 events and experiences since we started,” Zaatarah said. “We have a global audience and it’s every marketer’s dream.”

Choose a platform

A common mistake that many hosts make during virtual events is to want to start on a platform from day one, but there are good reasons why a wide variety of options are available. Experiment with different platforms until you find one that meets your chat room features, visual needs, registration, and data collection requirements and that fits your budget.

The Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM), in preparation for its annual virtual conference in September, ASCM Connect, has already committed to using multiple platforms:

• how (registration);

• Monastery (events app);

• GoToWebinar (stream); To be

• Salesforce Community Cloud.

“Historically, we have used the conference app as a source of content and focused our participants’ experiences on what happened on the site,” said, director of ASCM, specialized experience, learning, and development. “As we move to virtual offerings, we plan to significantly increase the use of app elements and features to create a more appealing experience for all visitors.”

In preparation for the virtual conference in September, ASCM held a pilot event in July to test technology platforms and validate the features and functions of ASCM Connect.

Whatever happens to you, the best way to create a perfect virtual event without any unpleasant technical surprises is to test your event platform long before the production date.

“Do not assume that your audience is technically proficient and able to navigate on your platform,”, IAW. “New technologies and complex research processes can be a setback for many people. Learn to give your audience the opportunity to get the most out of content and experience.”

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