Top Employee Advocacy new Platforms in 2021

Top Employee Advocacy Platforms: How to Choose the Best One for You:

In the definition of employee advocacy, it is often described as the promotion of an organization by its employees. It makes sense, but it only covers a fraction of the value the law adds to your business. A well-designed employee advocacy program can promote performance in many different roles, including human resources, branding, communications, marketing, and employee sales.

With such different implications, it’s fair to say that no two employee advocacy programs are alike. For some, employee advocacy is the way to have a social media presence and save on ads; some need to increase website traffic and SEO rankings, others use social sales promotion or talent acquisition. Some use it for brand and reputation management.

With different usage scenarios and needs, it’s no wonder there are dozens of tools available to employees of all shapes and sizes. How do you understand this range of employee promotion platforms and find the provider that best suits your needs? If you’ve ever wondered about this question, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are a new defense expert or an experienced veteran, this article provides helpful information on defense trends and challenges. After reading it, you will be able to navigate the complex employer space with more confidence. We also share practical advice on selecting and implementing the right employee software for employees such as Salesforce, Swarovski, KPMG.

Let’s think about it without further ado!

Employee Defense Software Scenario

One of the reasons for the increase in employee advocacy in recent years is a reappraisal of trust. We need to realize that people trust people, not brands or ads. 83% of people trust the advice of someone they know, making employee advocacy a more trusted and trusted channel than any other form of marketing. At what price? We’ll see this later in this article.

While the defense technology space for workers is relatively new and evolving, it offers solid solutions. This post will focus on the five most advanced advocacy solutions on the market today. First, let’s look at the current landscape of worker defense technology.

Social media management tools with advocacy features

Employee advocacy, in one form or another, existed long before social media existed. Happy employees never needed an extra invitation to promote their organization. But the rise of social media has inevitably made advocacy scalable and therefore much more organized and influential. Of course, various social media management platforms (SMMs) offer defensive capabilities to complement their own capabilities. Companies like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Octopost, Social Horsepower, and LinkedIn Elevate (now LinkedIn Pages) offer features or extensions for employees.

If you have already used one of these platforms for your business and are considering starting an employee advocacy program, this may be the shortest way to do it. However, the shortest way does not always mean the right way. These support extensions are suitable for anyone looking to raise their social media standards and diversify their audience. But if you plan to develop a long-term program that grows and meets your needs, the capabilities of these tools may not meet your expectations.

Not to generalize (and I think you’ll do your research anyway), but LinkedIn’s deactivation case illustrates that employee advocacy is always a “good addition” rather than a primary target for this category of providers. Product development and customer service are primarily about social media, not advocacy for employees.

If you share this sentiment, if advocacy is just a useful addition to your social media marketing package and not a strategic initiative, then this is probably the group of providers to consider.

Employee Defense Platforms

Social media management platforms clearly cannot satisfy users with more complex defense programs. To fill this gap, special solutions for worker protection have emerged. Platforms such as PostBeyond, DSMN8, GaggleAMP, and Ambassify fall into this category.

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