Underused Video Ideas to Generate Leads in 2021

Underused Video Ideas to Generate Leads:

In a 2021 survey, 85% of respondents said they would like to see more branded videos.

Statistics only support video marketing content. But the trick is to create videos that meet your goals and engage your audience. Creating a winning marketing strategy for videos that attract potential customers requires extensive planning, strategizing and coordination.

In general, videos can be attractive. However, you should use it to generate questions and suggestions.

Here are five ideas to help you.

1. Add an effective call to action

Whether you’re uploading a short Instagram feature or a long YouTube video, encourage viewers to take action. This can be one of many options, depending on your goals: visit your site, buy, subscribe to your channel, subscribe to a newsletter, and so on.

Clearly communicate what you want them to do with an effective call of action. For example, Download now or Share with your friends.

If your video is long, add CTAs to it regularly. YouTube lets you add maps and annotations for specific CTAs. Make sure the CTA is relevant and established to show the viewer what they need to do to connect with your brand.

2. Add a video to your landing pages

Landing pages are designed to generate multiple directions. It is suitable for attracting qualified leads. To make them more attractive and informative, you can record videos about them.

Videos allow you to convey more information without using too much text. You can explain the main topic of the video and use the page text title and call to action to provide more context.

Do you want inspiration?

This landing page from SharpSpring, a marketing automation company, includes a video and lead removal form. As you can see, the video will likely get the viewer’s attention because there is no other attention on the page.

3. Add videos to email campaigns

Using video in your inbox allows you to tag emails. You can include videos in all types of email: newsletters, product launches, event invitations, etc. You can experiment and test what’s best for your target audience and brand.

However, using video in emails is not easy. Providers like Outlook & Gmail do not accept emails with embedded videos. Even if the provider allows embedded video, it might not be on the recipient’s device.

To fix this, you can add a link to your video in your email. Alternatively, use specialized platforms for email marketing. BombBomb, Vidyard, Hippo Video, and other similar software solutions have special integrations for Gmail and Outlook to make it easy to insert videos into your email.

Or you can create a thumbnail image: take a screenshot of the video and add a play button to the image. Do you want a quick trick to do this? Go to the play button to add the image. You can add an image, choose a play button design, resize and create. Download the new play button image. Put the photo in your email and link to the video.

Don’t forget to add the word video in the subject line of your email address. This can entice more subscribers to click on the open rate and thus increase the number of keystrokes.

4. Use videos as closed content

Blocked content is a great way to generate leads for your business. For uninitiated, visitors must provide their contact information to view the content. While white papers, case studies, and e-books are often vulnerable types of content, so are videos.

Tutorials, demos, and tutorial videos can work well with closed content because it is educational, something the general public finds valuable.

You can create a series of videos. The first is open to viewers interested in the content. Then block the rest. Those who choose are more likely to be qualified clues.

For this strategy to work, you need to communicate the value your viewers will receive. Be clear about what they are getting and how they can benefit from the vision.

5. Use video SEO

By placing your videos on search engines, you can improve your visibility and generate more interest. Create a short but catchy title to attract researchers. To optimize your video search, you need to create a title that naturally includes your main research. It contains the title of 70 characters or less so that it can be seen in the search results in its entirety.

It is important to compile a meta-description that gives researchers a brief idea of   what to expect. Do not include keywords in your meta description, but use them if they make sense in your context.

Since search engines can not verify the words in the video, you should include a transcript below. This gives web crawlers a better idea of   what a video is and increases their chances of indexing it.

Start marketing videos

Videos offer a wide range of opportunities to educate and communicate with the public. By strategically incorporating videos into your content marketing, you can turn them into lead generation and lead generation machines to grow your business.

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