Website: How to Build a Profitable Membership in 2021

How to Build a Profitable Membership Website:

Selling the subscription is difficult. But if you do it right, a membership site will definitely change the economics of your business. Learn more about how it works in an instant.

Learn first that I’ve built communities of successful members in a variety of niches, from men’s clothing to survival and willingness to finance and invest. We have thousands of members in each of these communities and I learned how to build profitable membership sites through trial and error.

Why member sites?

Every company has a balance point, “keep the light on” the number of revenues.

My first goal with a membership site is to earn the same amount of monthly membership fees.

Here why…

First, it feels great to show up every month knowing that all costs are covered. All others are profitable.

Second, and more importantly, if we break out of recurring revenue, we may be at more risk. We can deviate from the norm, where real discoveries happen. If your monthly income is unpredictable, you can’t take chances. And this is not good.

Because subscription is hard to sell

In addition to member sites, there are other “continuing” or recurring billing models. And each has its own set of marketing challenges.

There are consumer services like…

• Cable TV

• Mobile service

• Webserver

Consumer products like…

• Dollar Shaving Club

• Berkkas

• Coffee art

And we don’t allow software-as-a-service (SAAS) companies like…

• Salesforce CRM

• Adobe Creative Cloud

• Basic game

But I would say that each of the above templates can be more easily marketed as a member’s site for an important reason…

The value of a membership site is hard to explain.

And if it’s hard to explain, it’s usually hard to sell. But I’ll show you how to get around this in a moment.

Let me first prove my point.

• With a Verizon cell phone plan, you can call, text, and stay in touch with the outside world. The offer is simple and clear… and therefore easy to sell.

• Dollar Shave Club ships high-quality razors once a month so you don’t have to pick them up at the store. Apparently.

• Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to the latest versions of all your favorite design software. crystalline.

But membership sites are different.

A membership site is a vague and formless ‘thing’ that often contains different sections that are difficult to explain.

I’ll tell you again if you lose: hard to explain = hard to sell.

Do you sell members?

But selling access to a member site isn’t as difficult as it may sound if you do it right.

It’s much easier to sell a subscription to someone who’s already bought something from you, even if it’s a cheap offer. In fact, I generally don’t offer a direct membership offer for cold traffic.

a valuable piece

Not only is it easier to sell the subscription to someone who has already purchased from you, but it’s also easier if that person has purchased a specific type of offer.

We call this “shocking sacrifice”.

Your membership site is made up of several components For example, our membership site (Digital Marketer Lab) consists of…

• Webinar Training: We have two types of webinar training (working hours and working hours) that provide educational content and directly answer customer questions.

• Digital Marketer Engagement – Our private Mastermind Facebook group where you can borrow money and help the Digital Marketer team and the wider community.

• Execution Plans: A library of step-by-step checklists that show our clients exactly how to execute a specific marketing tactic.

Fragmented climate

We sometimes send cold traffic directly to Tripwire’s offering, especially if the low-cost offering is a physical product rather than an information product.

But often, and especially for cold traffic, “scrape” a piece of Tripwire material and place it in front of the funnel-like a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a SPECIFIC value that solves a SPECIFIC problem for a SPECIFIC market segment. We offer the lead magnet in exchange for a potential customer’s contact information.

To generate leads for this $7 offer (which the Digital Marketer Lab ended up selling), we took a lot of value from this export plan and put it on the cover as a guiding magnet.

In this case, the lead magnet is called 212 blog post ideas. This is a very specific and clear offer that a potential customer wants if they want to grow a business with a blog.

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