Website Traffic: 5 Resources That Will Bring You Up To Speed

Resources That Will Bring You Up To Speed On The Future Of Website Traffic:

What is retargeting?

Redirect campaigns remind visitors of your products and services after leaving your site without buying anything. After visiting specific pages, you can re-tag them and show visitors relevant images or text ads when they visit other sites. Retargeting campaigns can be run using Google Ads, Facebook retargeting, LinkedIn ads, and other retargeting advertising platforms. Marketers today use redistribution as an essential tool to connect with their customers and increase sales and loyalty.

When should you use redirect campaigns?

• Retargeting is intended as a long-term marketing strategy for businesses that already have the following. If your site receives at least 100 visitors a month, Google remarketing ads are definitely for you.

• Promote the best sellers. Target advertising is a simple and effective way to showcase your best-selling products. And by promoting the items you love to current customers, you can even turn visitors into customers and increase the ROI of your ads.

• Introduction of new collections. People who are interested in your brand and who visit your website are an excellent target audience when they start a new product collection. Your retargeting ads will stand out wherever they are online and create a clear path for your store to see what’s new. This can be done through display campaigns using Google AdWords or through a Facebook branding campaign.

• Move inventory. As an online seller, you probably have a sluggish inventory. Overtime advertising is a simple and inexpensive way to introduce potential products from your store to potential customers.

• Develop brand awareness. Most people need to listen to you before deciding to buy your product or service, and ad-targeted ads maintain your brand for potential customers who are not ready to buy when they visit your site for the first time.

Marketing versus marketing campaigns

“Retargeting” and “remarketing” is virtually the same thing because they pursue the same goals:

• The audience that has visited your site and knows your brand

Involve and guide people who can make the purchase

• Helps build lasting customer relationships through brand awareness and recognition

The differences between remarketing and remarketing are the tactics used to achieve these goals.

Retargeting primarily uses paid to advertise to target audiences who have visited your website or social media profiles.

Remarketing primarily uses email to target people who have already done business with your brand.

This is where Google remarketing ads come in handy. This is a powerful new marketing channel in Mailchimp that allows you to turn website visitors into customers after they leave your store.

Have you ever heard of goals?

Well … you will hear it regularly in 2015. After burying your head in the sand, it’s time to catch up on the hottest trend in website traffic.

With the five resources we have compiled for you below, you can get started right away.

Let’s start with this introduction (skip it only if you are already familiar with how distraction works)

1. A brief introduction to retargeting

If you’re a serious beginner, this little article from the Retargeter guys will wet your feet. Once this post is complete, you are ready to work with the rest of the articles and videos in this list.

2. [New formula] WCA + YC = Cheap and high conversion traffic on Facebook

In April of this year, we released information on how we use blog content and the targeting feature of Facebook for laser advertising. If you are a blogger or creating content on your site, you need to research it.

3. Video Comments: Sent to YouTube

As 2015 progresses, Digital Marketer will publish more and more information about the tests we do with YouTube ads, and more specifically through Google AdWords and YouTube.

4. How do a lost sales funnel compared to Facebook redistribution?

Molly Pittman does it again. In this post, Molly digs the hole in her sales funnel and shows you how to bypass Facebook ads. By using and targeting the personal audience of Facebook sites, you can send potential customers to your funnel … one ad at a time.

5. Fight in the cage

There are various platforms you can use (including Google and Facebook) to set up the conversion. In this short video, our good friend Justin Brooke shows you the details of the top four conversion networks, including …

• AdRoll

• SiteScout

• Retargeter

• Perfect audience

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