What do attendees want from your presentation?

Also Outbrain operations, video status, and IPO

OpsStars, convened by LeanData (same week as Dreamforce), brought together operational experts and executives. What they had most in common was the adoption or serious consideration of a RevOps strategy. RevOps, which ideally prescribes an operational role for all business teams, comes in different forms. Sometimes it simply means more coordination and communication between existing operations; sometimes it literally means a team reporting to a chief income officer.

Adoption is still limited, which is why HubSpot has skillfully set up its new hub as something it can support but is not dependent on RevOps. All I know is that the business (marketing, sales, and services) is changing fast; complain at the table; and is forced to strive for an integrated, seamless digital experience for the customer across all channels.

HubSpot debuts with Operations Hub

HubSpot yesterday announced the addition of a fifth hub to its CRM platform. The business center brings together marketing, sales, services, and CMS hubs, with the goal of turning operational teams into revenue and growth. The new product has four main features:

• Use of data synchronization tools that synchronize client data between applications to ensure its updating;

• Flexible automation of business processes, from lead rotation and area management to the transfer and renewal of after-sales;

• Create workflows that automatically update key data points to provide customer service teams with a single source of information; IT IS

• Scalability. Operations Hub customers push the boundaries of existing listings, reports, and workflows.

We asked Andy Pitre, vice president of products and general manager of HubSpot’s operations center, whether the launch should break down silos such as marketing, sales, and service functions. “This is the driving force behind HubSpot’s thinking about operations and the center of operations,” Pitre said. RevOps is a term that means operational teams are aligned or truly united.

‘Indeed, RevOps has caught our attention in recent years. As we move from marketing to sales and services, we start talking about this concept of direction, and of course, we start breaking down silos and thinking about the whole customer experience. The flywheel is an alternative to the funnel model: it offers an eternal continuum through marketing, sales and services, and re-marketing.

Ari Plaut, general manager of product marketing, adds: “We feel the pain of the operational team. We feel reactivity; they are overloaded, they are underwater. They want to be strategic business drivers but only get JIRA tickets from various stakeholders and requests from their VP to enter the market. They never have a broader view of the company. “

Because we care. Marketing is a space that is changing radically. The more marketing is important, the more important the people who lead Martech and rely on their voice to make strategic decisions. A tool like Operations Hub is likely to further enhance your profile and the growing profile of RevOps.

What do participants want from your presentation?

Malcolm Knowles is one of the biggest influencers for adults in the United States and has developed four principles that he believes should be taken into account when teaching adults. As noted in this article, which summarizes Knowles’ theories and principles, the principles suggest that adults want to be involved in planning their education; they want life experiences as they learn, they want to be relevant to their life or work and life. focused. . . want to be. on how to solve a problem.

You may be wondering what this has to do with a presentation you will be developing for an event next month. Although acting at a corporate event is not the same as developing formal training, the audience you are talking to is an adult and they are there to learn. Consider some of these mature principles?

The second two principles can be easily translated into what your presentation should do to help your audience solve a problem they are currently facing. The first two principles are a little harder to achieve during an event. However, you can judge participants before the presentation to find out what information is really important to them. It takes you in the direction of the presentation. As for your audience learning about their own life experiences, it’s great when participants answer each other’s questions when planning a question-and-answer period. People often want to share experiences and give advice. In addition, participants often say they want to hear from their colleagues who have similar problems.

Outbrain begins the IPO process

The original advertising platform Outbrain announced yesterday that it had submitted a draft registration statement on Form S-1 to the SEC regarding the proposed initial public offering of its common stock. The number of shares to be offered and the price has not yet been determined.

This comes after the merger proposal was abandoned, which Outbrain would combine with the discovery of the content and its own advertising platform, Taboola, a key competitor. Either way, this merger from 2019 has been discussed. Taboola announced in January that it would make the announcement via the SPAC route (obtained through a specialist purchasing company).

Because we care.

 Native advertising is a big business and it should come as no surprise that Outbrain is following in Taboola’s footsteps (although this is done through a scholarship, not via SPAC). They will make a big announcement about Unified Outbrain and Taboola.

What is the format of this year’s videos?

Wistia, a video and audio hosting software company, released its 2021 video report earlier this month. They provide services to small and medium-sized businesses and large brands.

What drew our attention to this particular study was the broader perspective on the most recent trends associated with the pandemic. Both need to be explored to get an idea of   the trends that will continue in the coming months, with more populations being vaccinated around the world.

Wistia analyzed the creative assets submitted by users between 2016 and 2020 in more than 500,000 accounts. What do the figures say about recent video trends?

More videos stay here. The video peaked in May and June last year. Compared to last year, there was an increase of 85%. The longest curve shows a 249% increase in video minutes compared to 2016.

Long-form videos have taken over. Videos in the 30-60 minute category increased by 140% compared to the previous year. This is an increase of 446% compared to 2016.

Conversions attached to the video. Videos with conversion events have increased by 30% since 2019. Over the past five years, the 24% increase in video conversions has not been much less.

Because we care. Here it is clear that video viewing has increased in 2020. Longer trends suggest that 5G and brand strategy trends have shaped the video ecosystem in such a way that it will continue as the world reopens.

Quote of the day

Build a personal brand? This idea seems outdated to me. It is so analogous, one-sided, illusory, and, to be honest, selfish. You need a brand to sell a packaged snack full of processed fat and sugar. In a professional environment, people do not “buy” because they look good. SELF.

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