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Demandbase announces major acquisitions, shifting ABM’s focus

The veteran ABM supplier today announced two major acquisitions, the InsideView sales and marketing platform, and technology provider DemandMatrix. This follows the acquisition of ABM Engagio’s orchestration and analysis platform in June 2020.

With these integrated solutions, Demandbase One has the ABM Go-to-Market B2B package (renamed ABX – Account-Based Experience) as one of the components. Being a leader at ABM since its foundation in 2006, mainly for the company, is a significant change in the company’s focus.

“It is a sense of expansion, born out of the training of many of our customers and the digital transformation that took place last year,” said Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase.  This is important because ABM is only part of the challenges that B2B companies face. “

From now on, Demandbase will be structured as a series of clouds, including the ABX cloud, its B2B advertising solution, a sales intelligence cloud, and a data cloud. InsideView provides an overview of account activity that aligns with the intent and market data for which Demandbase is known. DemandMatrix provides technology (information from technology companies that already have it), a leading forecast indicator for companies that sell technology.

How to become a more influential and buyer-centered marketing organization

B2B marketing is undergoing significant changes in terms of requirements, responsibilities, and expectations. Now is the time to plan what the world will look like in two or three years and develop a strategy and roadmap. The change is driven by changes in customer habits and expectations – everything is accelerated and amplified by the pandemic. In the B2B world, buyers went digital-first, managed third-party businesses, and made decisions about distributed teams. It ended the traditional buyer-seller relationship and changed B2B marketing forever.

In his latest article, marketing and growth expert Scott Vaughan outlines five main strategies for becoming a buyer-driven B2B marketing organization. It starts with the introduction of internal oversight programs and follows processes and programs that are entirely copper-based. It is essential to rethink the belief in marketing automation to permanently eliminate silos and recognize that ABM is only part of a successful B2B strategy. Ultimately, it means building trust, authenticity, and consistency in everything.

The next few years will be about shifting from internally focused strategies to copper focused strategies. We are not waiting for the fall of 2022 to solve this problem, or until the next conference to discuss how to achieve this transformation.

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