Why DX is about much more than football for the Minnesota Vikings

The football organization said that improving DXing means just as much social change as football.

With the preseason games due to the COVID boom, the NFL 2020 season is likely to be the most anticipated season in its 100-year history. But for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, the offseason season in 2020 led to the creation of customer experiences with the community, catches and all the social justice you deserve.

‘When we started the season and [COVID] started, we saw how serious the problem was and how much it would affect the economy, and at the same time in April, we had to worry about how to handle the fan. with the concept of virtual NFL. “said the head of sales and engagement, who also led the team’s initial strategy for mobile application development.” We are only three miles from where George Floyd lost his life, and we knew we as a community had to communicate with fans, even if not all fans in the community would want to participate.

Create a new DX trailer

George Floyd’s death and the COVID outbreak were two unpredictable factors, as the Vikings planned to create an enhanced digital experience to provide content-based engagement with their fans for the 2020 season and beyond.

“Most teams in the NFL only talk to fans when it comes to the game,” the director of the analysis said. ‘But here we want to think we have a different dynamic because we are an international brand with a Midwestern culture and a large British presence in our fan base. We knew we had to offer something different with our digital experience.

Vikings have chosen Selligent’s omnichannel marketing cloud to leverage data to uncover fan insights, create new ways to communicate with players, build communities and enjoy camaraderie, and use relevant content to create memorable and objective touchpoints. created during games. Organization established for the guarantee.

To increase engagement, Wang led a four-year research project to identify Viking fans. He created six different fans to expand the series:

• Generation supporters supported by the team as family property;

• Supporter dedicated to the entire championship;

• Great athlete who loves sports competitions;

• “Season Sid”, holder of a season ticket and a social calendar for summer, autumn, and winter based on Viking games;

• “Sidekick Sally”, who manages the games, loves the gaming experience and also likes to wear Viking clothes, especially unique and hard to find pieces; Your

• Social/community advocate who sees Vikings for the first time as an extension of the community.

Character-based marketing has doubled the team’s conversion rate.

“We did a lot of research on predictive models and how to engage all the fans.” ‘Our emails should now look different and show that we care about our community. Requesting credit card information for transactions will not work.

Provide a platform

“Our goal is to provide tools and resources for easy integration,” said the CEO for North America. “We have been working with Vikings for some days to expand the automation of their campaigns.”

Using the Selligent Site feature, Vikings fans follow the site, submit their data directly to the Vikings organization, and use real-time AI and learning resources to create a more robust multi-channel journey.

“It enables Vikings to serve their fans in real-time and deliver additional content.” ‘We have extensive experience in the entertainment industry with casinos and gaming platforms. The experience was instrumental in building our relationship and resources with the Vikings.

Vikings built their relationship with fans during the unprecedented off-season, with virtual events for the NFL draw in April and the launch of the 2020 NFL season in May. The events attracted more than 5,000 spectators and gave the team the opportunity to interact with their fans in turbulent times. It also enabled the team to develop its omnichannel strategy.

 “We started a prediction program one hour before we left and we have free games on our Vikings app.”

The increased off-season involvement in virtual events in Minnesota and emails about personal social justice, as well as fans of all six characters, resulted in a 99% renewal rate for the season pass, while 80% of the fans in the team had to be the personal experience began.

The team’s additional channels for monitoring data

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