Why marketing attribution and predictive analytics tools are gaining currency

In addition to importing the Instagram browser into the browser

Hire for marketing activities, marketing support resources will explode

Marketing departments forced to do more with less during the slowdown in 2020 will start in 2019.

“What we saw during the pandemic was that many clients were naturally left out and people were scared,” said Tim Parkin, director of marketing consulting at Parkin Consulting. But with big brands looking to increase their budgets, like Coca-Cola, which plans to cut spending by 2019, agencies need to think about how to approach this new job. Some agencies have even turned down new cases because they don’t have employees to handle them, he said.

“By the end of the year, it will be about five months at Black Friday level,” Parkin said. ‘Consumers are always in the dark and companies are struggling. Companies that invest will be successful and companies that cannot fail. ‘

In order to expand all marketing programs augmented by this increased spending, more organizations will also look for technology solutions. But they need professionals who can handle it.

Justin Sharaf, vice president of marketing for the Jahia Solutions digital experience platform, said managers should accept the role in the future. Are you hiring for a job or are you growing up? If you want to rent opportunities and explore the country, you can, but [the rent] will always be more expensive. And that person may not fit in the long run. I like to hire and encourage others to think about long-term value instead of assuming. “

Marketing positions, in particular, require a thorough assessment of the skills and competencies required for the position. It is a mistake to force a marketer to play a marketing role if they do not have the necessary skills.

“I’ve seen a talent gap where most companies need marketing options,” said Sharaf. ‘They put people in the marketing options, the ones who have no experience. Many headaches and lessons have been learned. Marketing options have also become very broad. I worked in an organization where marketing automation is part of the marketing options, as are traditional [team] products and channel marketing. ‘

Because predictive analytics and marketing tools make money

While attribution – the assignment of weight to each touchpoint in a marketing campaign based on its contribution to sales – is not new, the scope and scope of today’s marketing tools are much broader than they were years ago. . In addition, machine learning and advanced algorithms are advanced to enable the synthesis of data from a wide variety of types and from numerous sources. Some tools can now gain insights into the data to predict possible future outcomes and suggest the next steps.

The pressure on marketers to justify their spending is greater than ever, partly because COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on all businesses, but also because technology has made it possible in many cases to link spending to revenue.

At the same time, marketers are dealing with an increasing number of channels and devices to communicate with their customers and prospects, and research shows that channel advertising is more effective.

L’Oréal Nordics found that ads on Instagram and Facebook, along with a TV purchase, increased ad recall by 12 points for audiences between the ages of 18 and 34. Elements of social media also led to a 22.6% increase over TV.

According to a Salesforce survey of 15,000 consumers and business shoppers, shoppers increasingly expect their interactions with brands to be consistent no matter what device they use. They can also switch between devices while searching for a purchase. Both phenomena mean it’s important for brands to coordinate their campaigns across channels and understand the role each touchpoint plays in bringing someone closer to a purchase decision.

Why do we care? Marketing allocation and forecasting tools aim to address all of these marketing challenges, with responsibility for all online and offline channels, often allowing marketers to earn more from the same spend or reduce their budget while achieving the same results.

Flowing giants combine sales; iHeart creates an advertising network

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Rumors we hope to be true: Instagram tests support for browser-based publishing

Instagram has always been a mobile app. You can see images in browsers but have never been able to upload anything from your laptop. It also caused problems with the social media placement software. And until recently, only a few social apps could post without posting a tutorial on Instagram. Annoying to social media executives, to say the least.

“Developer and hitter Alessandro Paluzzi has discovered the Instagram code that strongly suggests that the Facebook platform is already uploading photos and videos from a web browser,” Tim Hardwick wrote to MacRumors. Based on the images Paluzzi shares on Twitter, browser users will soon be able to drag and drop photos and videos from their computers to upload, cut content, apply filters, and combine the corresponding text to see the message. on the social network. “

Because we care. First, it is generally easier to use Instagram if we can manage it from a computer or laptop. The implication of when it is released is that it can be much easier for social media marketing tools to organize, publish and manage content there. I hope the developers’ rumors are true!

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“Everyone talks about working from home. Nobody talks about retiring: if physical presence is needed to do your job well. For me, this is a more important topic. Juan Mendoza, client strategist, The Lumery.

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