Why ‘modelers,’ the data experts in marketing technology, are so needed now

So they think about other roles on the marketing team, which makes them incredibly valuable

Martech specialist Scott Brinker has developed a taxonomy for marketing functions and activities. It is known as ‘5 Ms’: Managers, Marketers, Managers, Manufacturers, and Modelers. It could be that one of these characters – the modelers – is the most popular role in Martech.

“Their experience is really about data and not just looking at a panel or a report on the Hubspot or something,” he said during a recent session at Martech Live. It’s like, “I want to be able to use my machine learning AI models on different sales data for different campaigns. This is where information technology works and the people who make it also think of models.”

It’s this distinction between how they feel about other roles on the marketing team that makes them incredibly valuable.

I think many of us now feel like citizen scientists, In addition to the Chairman of the MarTech Conference Program, he is also the Vice President of the Hubspot Ecosystem. We’re a little busy when we need to, but when you sit down and talk to someone who does it professionally for work, it works on a different level.

A recent MarTech poll found that nearly one in eight respondents said hiring data scientists is the team’s top priority for the fiscal year 2021.

In a way, the past decade has been the era of big data in terms of data collection, and I think we only started to appreciate it on a large scale in the 1920s: ‘Okay, now we have all the data. What exactly do we do with it, how do we find value in it? So I think there will be a lot of technological innovation, but also only professional growth and development in the area.

According to Adidas marketing assistant Dimos Papadopoulos, who recently spoke with MarTech Today, the multimedia model is one of the latest models these experts can use.

These are advanced analysis and measurement structures to understand each channel’s performance and contribution during a campaign. Much research has been done on measuring and combining offline methods, such as online banners, shops, and television, in a wide variety of available digital data. It is seen as the future as the field is increasingly integrated with nature. 

The five marketing experts

Here is a pattern for following all five marketing technologists.

• Marketing professionals: data-driven technology operators who perform marketing functions on a day-to-day basis and are aware of the marketing platforms and their effectiveness;

• Maestros – The “orchestrators” of the martech stack, those who are the producers of the technology and instruments of the martech division and who also specialize in the process;

• Makers: the creators of the team, usually for an external audience, who create everything from websites, interactive web apps, mobile distribution, chatbots, and more. Creators often work with engineers and developers, as well as with IT and project management departments;

• Model students: computer scientists and advanced engineers who focus more on the countryside and delve into data and technological resources, such as the implementation of artificial intelligence models for machine learning. Usually at the operational level to connect the dots between Martech’s assets and their value.• Manager – The position above the organization of a Martech team. He currently works for large companies and often acts as an intermediary in other divisions, including sales, IT, and project management.

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