You need a market research mind-set

Marketers need an internal ‘market researcher’, Survey.

When you think of all the work that marketers do to create demand, brands, product marketing … there are many different aspects. When it comes to market research, the term seems limited and specific, but my opinion is very important. To get feedback, to get customers, prospects, audiences, and interested parties interested in you.

Use feedback.

 This is an opinion of SurelaMonkey Leela Srinivasan CMO during his recent HubSpot Incoming session. “If you use the feedback,”, “you can really improve your production.” This applies to messages and campaigns. 

SurveyMonkey is clearly a household name; has been around for over twenty years and is simply known as an online withdrawal tool. But out of the ten million records the system has processed over the years, SurveyMonkey has collected a large amount of data that machine learning can use to guide users to create effective records (the tool is called SurveyMonkey Genius).

As brands increasingly focus on the customer experience, Srinivasaran sees marketers think more deeply about research and the collection of customer and voice data. In digital channels, for example, it is important to collect on-site feedback and simplify the feedback.  I wanted to give feedback on what was wrong and there was no feedback button or anywhere.”

Multi-channel feedback. 

Digital branding channels and online surveys aren’t the only way customers can provide feedback; it also includes call centers and global social conversations. Do marketers need to put it all together? ‘If you have a lot of internet traffic, you get a lot of answers, but the focus is on a need. Be careful when collecting and analyzing information. The social challenge, he says, is “getting it right. It’s all about”.

One thing he sees companies doing is publishing their research results on registration systems, where it can have an impact. ‘It is common for companies to send a survey after a case has been resolved. If this data doesn’t return to the system and cause different behavior, why collect? There is a growing desire to link feedback and survey data with other customer data. SurveyMonkey integrates with Salesforce for these purposes.

The impulse of the customer. 

In any case, the current economic and health climate makes it more important than ever that brands meet the expectations and needs of their customers. “The way people think about things is constantly changing. This makes it even more important to understand how your customers will respond, for example to the launch you did in-store.

Why do we care? 

Marketing is now data-driven. These are table bets. However, it is important that the information includes information about how responses, customers, and stakeholders are responding to your posts. It goes beyond seeing KPIs as conversions, especially when you want to know what works and why.

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