Leaning on loyalty, Chipotle orchestrates engagement across channels

Chipotle realizes that H1 data has never been more valuable as major brands have become their walled gardens and millions of customers have sought them out. The regulated reality of third-party cookies increases the importance of loyalty and CRM.

Last month, Chipotle won 20 million Rewards members. Digital sales also increased 174.2%.

Of course, 2020 was not the normal year, to say the least. The closure, supply chain challenges, security measures and other factors associated with the pandemic required changes in Chipotle’s experience, but as the company changed course it found new opportunities through digital solutions.

For a network like Chipotle, the growth of the Rewards program is the result of integrated strategies, from delivery and purchasing to price marketing and multi-channel orchestration.

Changes in the store

While many gourmet destinations await, Chipotle will open 161 restaurants by 2020 and close only nine. This brought the total number of restaurants to 2,768 at the end of the year. Of the new stores, 100 are from “Chipotlani”. With these ramps, customers can place orders online or via the mobile app and collect their orders without leaving the car.

Chipotle launched in 2019 to streamline orders. Last year’s innovation and popularity showed just one more example of how the experience, especially through digital channels, of improving success during the pandemic can be improved, even when these innovations were developed without taking the pandemic into account.

Chipotle and deliveries have become essential as retail traffic declines. It’s no wonder that 62% of the new locations opened last year include Chipotlani as part of the layout. Digital sales also reduce interactions between employees and customers. When the digital experience is at its best, it strives to sell in uncertain times. According to, director of loyalty and CRM, delivery is also critical to digital sales.

“About half of our digital sales are made through collections and transactions   “We always want to increase access for our guests.”

For restaurants without a drive-through option, the company is also testing “Carside” (currently in California) and delivering it to customers parked outside the store.

The orchestra through the channel increases loyalty

Engagement with a pool of 20 million Rewards customers requires strong orchestration and strong decision-making. The brands developing their programs in regulatory and other identity challenges increasingly recognize the need to strengthen these strategies, including segmentation, predictive modeling, personalization, and even creative optimization.

“Fortunately, as we invested heavily in 2019 to expand our CRM technology stack, we were well-positioned to tackle the challenges of the pandemic,” explains Scoggins. ” goal  is to engage customers in our digital channel and welcome them back as customers of the restaurant.”

He added, “Ultimately, everyone works together to make the experience perfect. At the start of our program, there’s a CDP that gathers all of our data and ultimately provides a 360-degree view of the customer. CRM. Built as our primary email address. mail engine, it can also be easily integrated with our mobile operators and presentation tool to orchestrate more than one channel.

Major channels include SMS, push, email, and the company’s growing mobile wallet.  looking forward to next year and channeling these channels will become increasingly important,”. “While it is easy to view the engagement metrics for a single channel, it is more important to look at the levels of customer engagement on the channel and determine the very best way to get the message across.”

Brand loyalty and passion

An important part of any multi-channel strategy is opening up emerging channels. From a marketing perspective, a new channel does not necessarily appear unless the customers of the brand are involved.

Chipotle recently reported on viral content that originally appeared in 2014 and is now being reused for the TikTok era. Enthusiasts of the same brand may remember a young man, who was proud of the Internet and said, ‘Chipotle is my life!’ He is now 12 and his image appears on the shirts and other clothes of Chipotle’s most zealous eaters.

“Our primary goal at Chipotle Rewards is to make our members feel known and valued,”  “

The company will analyze the new focus that an old viral brand can generate. They can see t-shirt sales or see the popularity of the “Chipotle Is My Life” burrito bowl. This was the first task that struck the young Roy.

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