LiveRamp ATS – Another ID solution: Wednesday’s daily brief

I see a variety of possibilities in the club’s new audio networking application. Not to advertise, but to promote brand reputation by offering valuable content. This content, as I understand it, comes to life in the form of a spoken word. No registration, no SMS, no private message – just a conversation. That’s why it’s best for a brand to have something valuable to talk about.

Brands are starting to sponsor rooms, individual brands are creating fans and influencers are doing what they did before: talking about brands. These are all rumors of course because I’ve never been to the club. Right now, it’s just an invite (and an iPhone), something that’s likely to change.

Usually, I ask for an invitation, but where do I get those few extra hours a day to stay and be seen?

Alternative to LiveRamp for third-party cookies

LiveRamp’s alternative to third-party cookies is the Certified Traffic or ATS solution. “We’ve made significant investments in … ATS over the past four years, allowing publishers to link their essential identities (say, a report from the New York Times or Washington Post) to our recruiting platform.” See Travis Clinger, SVP. Responsibility and ecosystem. “With the end of third-party cookies and the changes to the IDFA this spring, we expect our ATS to grow. We have already announced that about one in five people will join the ATS network, and we hope to do so soon. next year … marketers will be able to stay in touch through every third channel via cookies.

Anonymous traffic, consisting of users who cannot access websites, leaves ATS. “Okay,” agrees Clinger, “but a subscription can provide several options, such as clicking on a link to a newsletter, subscribing to SMS notifications, or a widget on the user’s website to comment, post or share discussions. “

LiveRamp also announced a partnership with, a global contextual ad company that enables marketers to place contextual and responsive ads together rather than in separate silos. The contextual self is not the future of the ecosystem, Clinger emphasizes. ‘But we always believe there is an opportunity to take responsibility at the same time.

The LiveRamp ATR

The alternative identified by LiveRamp itself is known as Authenticated Traffic Solution or ATS. LiveRamp’s mission is to link supplier channel data to publisher channels so suppliers can use the first, second, and third details to personalize the customer’s journey and measure campaign success.

“For the past four years, we’ve invested heavily in our certified traffic solution, ATS, which allows publishers to associate their identity (a user report from the New York Times of Washington Post) with our people-based platform.” to declare. She said. She said. She said. Following third-party cookies and the IDFA change this spring, we expect the ATS scale to continue – we already have about one in five people joining the ATS network and hopefully in the future. to happen. the near future. keep improving. months for marketers to stay in touch with their consumers through any channel without the need for a third-party cookie.

Vevo focuses on humor-based advertising

The Vevo video network uses artificial intelligence to target and expand the emotional connection more effectively.

This week, the global network launched Moods, a product used by artificial intelligence that groups videos into emotional categories – so far the options are powerful, authentic, fun, and exciting – allowing users to share their listening experience and create advertisers. The campaign in an emotionally compatible place. This is because combining the theme and tone of the ad with the relevant content will increase consumer advertising and branding preferences.

From a scientific standpoint, Moods’ case is well documented in cognitive science research. When music evokes familiar emotional responses, it creates a chemical chain reaction that strengthens musical-emotional connections, which in turn is accompanied by a better memory. In short: we listen to music → we feel an emotion → we prefer to remember what we have seen.

From a brand perspective, this is not a problem: users get the convenience and novelty of a humor-based playlist, which increases the affinity of the Vevo brand and strengthens the bond with top advertisers.

Vevo partnered with Musixmatch to identify and tag video clips based on the different musical characteristics of the songs in the catalog. An egg template created by Musixmatch customizes the metadata tag for each Vevo video for continuous contextual targeting.

Why We Care: For years, companies have wondered how to use artificial intelligence to unlock the treasure that may be hidden in the myriad of specific data about their consumers and products. This is an example of how applied AI can deliver on its promises of perfection and personalization in a way that benefits marketers too.

How many Martech companies will be the first to enter the digital age

Drift, the B2B sales and marketing platform have announced that it will work digitally first, meaning the team will be permanently working remotely. To explain the decision, David Cancel, CEO, and co-founder, assumes that the world has changed indefinitely.

It offers three options: insist on old ways of doing things; it is completely remote, or create a hybrid between the two. He dismissed the hybrid option as “unfair”: he knows from experience that remote workers will feel excluded from interactions in the workplace.

With its popular personal growth events (pre-pandemic) and emphasis on conversation, Drift has always emphasized human connections. As Drift enters the digital age, how many Martech companies – that should benefit from the virtual infrastructure – will there be? Full Disclosure: Third Door Media, the publisher of MarTech Today, is a remote local company.

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