Marketing In The Moment

Instant marketing can be a great way to reach a very large audience. Here are some things event planners should keep in mind and examples of companies that have been successful with this.

The newspapers always do this; we press on forecasts, which sometimes deteriorate. Promotional activities bring sports memorabilia to league games in two ways, by creating items for both teams and calling them “national champions”.

They do this with newspapers and promotional marketing to get the product on the market quickly. If the newspapers waited for the final results or the marketing company waited for the promotion to find out who won, they would have to wait hours or even days to get the product in the hands of the consumer, and then the products could be significantly affected. to be. far.

It benefits from putting the right product in the hands of its customers at the right time, even if it looks like a cover that will never be used. Moment Marketing applies the same concept of place and real-time for maximum visibility at live sporting events.

What is marketing now?

For those who don’t know the deadline, short-term marketing takes the opportunity to get the right message across at the right time. While it may seem spontaneously magical, and some do, it is usually planned weeks in advance. This “magic” and “spontaneity” generate great viral potential, but the same risk also creates the possibility of major mistakes.

Short-term marketing uses the offline experience, especially in TV shows and sporting events, to encourage online interaction. Transition marketing connects people to a brand as if they were all in the same room. But to do this successfully, you need to perfectly match your content and context, which isn’t always easy. You also need to be able to take action when needed. Here are some examples of how marketers have taken advantage of these golden opportunities.

Engage and delight with moment marketing

As mentioned earlier, old digital marketing is characterized by standardized and complicated campaigns. As outdated and tedious processes take place, marketers can’t survive long enough to even think about flexible, event-driven campaigns. Train.

With new technologies, advertising can be relevant to consumers if it matches current events. That’s why marketing is such a dominant feature in modern campaigns today.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup was an excellent showcase for the marketing of the moment. Adidas is simply a brand that we can take advantage of. Not only did they create a successful video campaign, but also a series of GIFs on social media during the tournament. They not only caught the attention of football fans; with their selection of celebrities from different sectors, they have managed to further expand their appeal.

 examples of how marketers have taken advantage of these golden opportunities

Being right

During the 2013 Super Bowl, the play was interrupted for nearly 30 minutes due to an unexpected power outage. Maybe it was disastrous for advertisers. However, some social media marketers stepped in and seized the moment. Oreo was by far the winner when his team tweeted, “No emotion? Smooth. You can still bury him in the dark. Oreo didn’t know there was going to be a power outage and he hadn’t prepared for it. Disaster, but what they did. was that a team of 15 people had to respond to the entire social media message in real-time to seize the moment.

Enter your company name and brand

While short-term marketing practices may seem very passive, it is basically about putting yourself at the center of the things and life of your audience, but in a way that is very appropriate. If you blow up your store in the middle of the World Cup, your message is a simple interruption. When you join other people as they watch with their appropriate comments, you start to build a friendly relationship.

Event-based on the time of the announcement

There are certain parts of a game that are predictable and social media can immediately take advantage of that. In 2012, Red Bull hired the daring Australian Felix Baumgartner to traverse the atmosphere and become the first person to break the speed of sound in free fall. As expected, the mission was delayed several times. KitKat posted its message on Facebook to make up for the many delays and bring it in line with the brand’s branding, which announced it was taking a breath with a KitKat bar.

Increase your budget

Sporting events attract crowds. For many marketers, live sports advertising is an unsustainable expense, but with short-term marketing and social media, businesses and organizations can reach and engage their audiences without the hefty price tag.


Short-term marketing is an ideal way to grab attention and engage your audience, especially when it comes to sports competitions. But to be successful, you must recognize the perfect opportunity and combine it with timely content.

The payout can be huge as millions of eyes see the opportunity. The potential to go viral is here, but big risks always lead to the possibility of big losses. Sometimes impulsive comments can catch fire again, but your audience is more likely to catch up and win if you keep that in mind.

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